The Jack of Hearts

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There was a girl named Mila
whose parents were sending her
away to Summer camp. She had
heard vague rumors from the
other kids at school about strange
things that went on at the camp.
She pleaded with her parents to
let her stay at home for the
Summer, but they forced her to

"You're 12 years old now, Mila,"
her father said sternly. "You need
to get over this kind of nonsense
and act like an adult."

When Mila arrived at the camp
she was shocked to find it in such
a dilapidated state. The wooden
cabins were infested with
termites, the bunk beds were
lumpy and uncomfortable, the
bedsheets smelled revolting and
the mattresses were covered with
big yellow stains.

There was only one toilet in the
whole camp and it was outdoors.
It was little more than a wooden
hut with several stalls inside. They
looked like they hadn't been
cleaned in months and the stench
was atrocious.

Worst of all, the door of each
stalls had a hole in it, cut in the
shape of a heart. You had to stuff
the hole with toilet paper every
time you went to the bathroom or
else the other kids would be able
to peek in and watch you poop.

Despite the deplorable conditions,
Mila managed to make friends
with a few other girls. Late one
night, after lights out, Mila and
her friend Svetlana went out to
the toilet. Mila decided to wait
outside for her friend to finish.
She strolled around, listening to
the wind blowing through the
trees and looking up at the stars.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her
eye, she noticed a shadow moving
towards the forest. She only
caught a glimpse of it for a second
before it disappeared into the
trees, but it seemed be the
shadow of a man.

She dismissed it as a trick of the
light and went back to the
outdoor toilets. Mila knocked on
the bathroom door and told her
friend to hurry up. There was no
answer. She opened the door and
went inside, but all of the stalls
were empty.

Mila was a little offended because
she assumed that her friend had
gone back to the cabin without
her. However, when she got back
to the cabin, she found Svetlana's
bed empty. She still hadn't
returned and nobody knew where
she was.

The girls waited for an hour, but
then they started to get worried.
Mila woke their counselor and
told him Svetlana had
disappeared. The entire camp was
roused out of bed and all of them
went to look for the missing girl.

The counselor went into the toilet
with a flashlight and searched
each stall, but there was no sign
of Svetlana. On the floor, he
happened to notice a playing
card. It was the Jack of Hearts.

The counselors spent all night
looking for the missing girl, but
she was nowhere to be found.
Someone suggested that she
might have run away from the
camp. Her parents were called
and they were worried too.

The next morning, when the girl
still had not shown up, they called
in the police, but they also failed
to find her. The other kids were
terrified by the girl's
disappearance and many of them
wanted to go home. Some
children called their parents and
persuaded them to pick them up.

The staff at the Summer camp
tried to calm everybody down. It
was decided that, after lights out,
nobody could go to the toilet
unless they were accompanied by
an adult. The counselors wanted
to make sure that the other
children didn't mysteriously
disappear as well.

That night, a girl named Aneska
desperately needed to go to the
toilet. She told one of the
counselors. After a lot of
grumbling, the counselor got out
of bed and agreed to accompany
her to the toilet. The girl opened
the door and went in while the
counselor waited for her outside.

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