Imaginary Friends

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Many children have imaginary
friends when they are young, but
some children have a very scary
imagination. This is a collection of
true stories about children with
pals who may or may not be a
figment of their creative minds.


When I was 4 years old, my mom
and I moved into a large colonial
house that was built in the late
1800s. My mom always had a
weird feeling about the house.
There was a little bricked off
section in the basement and we
never knew why it was there.

My mother told me that soon
after we moved into the house, I
suddenly had an imaginary friend.
One day, out of the blue, I told her
that I had been playing with a
little girl named Jenny. She
thought that it was just a phase
and didn't pay much attention to
it. I told her that Jenny wanted me
to let the cat go down into the
basement so that she could play
with it. My mother allowed me to
let the cat go down there. It never
came back. That creeped her out.

Then, a few days later, I told her
Jenny wanted me to go down into
the basement to play with her. My
mother refused and told me to go
upstairs to bed. I did and when I
woke up the next morning, I had
deep scratches on my back and

My mom decided to research the
history the house. She found an
old picture of the house and the
family who used to live there. She
showed me the picture and asked
if I recognized any of them. There
were 7 little girls in the picture
and, without hesitation, I pointed
to one of them. The names of all
the family members were written
on the back. The girl I had pointed
to was named Jenny.

My mother got scared, because
during her research, she had
discovered that the girl named
Jenny had gone down into the
basement one day and was never
seen again. The family never
found her and they moved shortly
after that.

After I identified the girl in the
picture, it was all way too much
for my mom to handle. We moved
out of the house and found
somewhere else to live. When I
turned 18, my told me all about
what had happened in that house.
It still scares me when I think
about it.

Don't Tell Anyone My Name

My niece had an imaginary friend,
but she said she wasn't allowed to
tell anyone his name. She said he
told her everyone would get
scared if they knew it. We kept
asking her, but she would never
tell anyone the name. Then one
day, her mom and I were in the
hallway and my niece didn't
realize it. She was talking to her
imaginary friend and called him
by his name. To this day,
whenever I think about it, I am
still creeped out. The imaginary
friend's name was Lucifer.

Funny Faces

I was staying in my aunt's house
when I saw my 4-year old cousin,
April, sitting on the stairs. She was
making funny faces. I asked her
what she was doing and she said,
"I'm copying the lady with the
braid." There was no one else
there, so I asked, "Where is the
lady, April?" She pointed up at a
beam running parallel to the
stairwell. "And what is the lady
doing?" I asked. "Making funny
faces," April replied. I was about
to go upstairs when April said
something that stopped me in my
tracks. "Her braid is around her
neck." I asked her wat she meant.
April pointed up and said, "The
lady is hanging by her braid. She's
making funny faces at me." Then
April started making a face. Her
eyes were wide and bugged out,
her mouth hung open and her
tongue stuck out. I realized it was
the face of someone who was
strangling to death.


When I was growing up, there was
a girl in my neighborhood who
very weird. All of the other kids
were freaked out by her. One day,
she told all of the kids that, in the
forest behind her house, there
were "dead, bloody people". When
they heard this, all of the kids
freaked out and told their parents.
Their fathers had to go out and
search the forest, just in case. All
they found was candy wrappers
and empty beer bottles. After
that, all of the kids in the
neighborhood refused to go near
her, including me.

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