Chapter 1 - I'll do it myself

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(Andrea played by Alisha Boe)

Andrea POV

The jazz music fills the air accompanied by laughter and cheering, women in flappy dresses dance while men in suits drink.

They are all high from the adrenaline of drinking despite the prohibition law, which I hope to god will end soon, I'm sick of flirting with some nitwit man to give me free liquor.

It is a happy day for women everywhere, we finally have the right to vote. I finish off my martini before excusing myself to go dance.

My curled hair moves with me as I twirl in the arms of my husband, who is not as happy as I am that woman can now vote, but is happy I am happy.

I don't care he doesn't respect women, because he is only temporary, just like every husband I have ever had.

They last about 30 years before I have to fake an accident, die, and reinvent myself. They may be idiots but they will have to notice I haven't aged at all in our years together and makeup can only get you so far.

"Alana, now that you are satisfied with the woman having choices for whatever it is, we are having a baby, you have been stalling about having a family for years and you are not getting any younger dear."


I have stopped even trying to find good husbands anymore, I only have to bare with them for a little bit.

But I swore to myself I will never bring a baby into my life, not knowing if I may have to outlive it, and even if it gained my abilities I would hate myself for forcing this eternal pain on someone.

"A baby? I am sorry my love but I'm not ready, I already have so much to do at the house, you leave quite the mess." I laugh, trying to brush off the idea and make him forget, so I keep dancing until he pulls me into a dark corner of the room.

"I don't think you understand, I will have a son in my arms by the end of the year, women may be able to vote but it is still up to their husbands when they have a child, now say goodbye to your friends and let's get started."

The blaring from my alarm forced me out of the memory of one of my darling husbands.

With a groan, I leave my beloved bed to check on my puppy and kitten, Apollo and Hestia.

Apollo is a beautiful little Labrador, Hestia is a Calico and I love them. After a couple hundred husbands and wives, I decided that people suck and that pets are the ideal companions, I know that sounds like I'm a crazy cat lady but cats are damn well adorable.

I was more depressed when my pets died than my spouses. Probably because I tried to stay as emotionally detached from the people I was wedded to since I knew I would outlive them, but it's too hard to stay unattached to pets.

I fill my babies' bowls, freshen their water and give the two a little kiss before rushing to the shower after checking the time and seeing I am late.

I am a trauma surgeon and ER doctor so long hours and very little sleep has been my life for the last few years.

But I love it, and I will admit I have used my rather special powers to help me whenever I lose a patient.

Death is under my control, that is why it won't take me.

I dry off and put on my scrubs before rushing out, I have a dog walker who has a key so Apollo is taken care of, and she also feeds and brushes Hestia who is a house cat, Madison is a massive help and I have known that girl for years.

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