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I was honestly so tired. I prepared myself all night for this day, I didn't want to sound like a complete idiot. I mostly focused on Max, Checo and Christian but I had to admit that I also searched for Lando. He was actually pretty funny, maybe it would be nice to get to know him.

I was sitting in the media center with a Red Bull in front of me. It was quite fitting for today.
I prepared some questions but I decided not to focus too much on last season, Max wouldn't like questions about that.
I flinched a little when someone touched my shoulder. "God you scared me" I said as I looked behind and saw Scott. "I am sorry, I forgot" I never really liked when people touched me, especially not after my last relationship. I was in an abusing relationship, every little touch used to scare me. It was going better now but I still flinched most of the time.
"Are you ready for the bulls?" Scott looked at me with a smile on his face. I guess he was ready and excited for it.
"Let's go" I said as I closed my laptop.

We had some time to set everything up and not much later Max walked in.
He didn't look too excited, I guess he wasn't a big fan of the series. "Hi, I'm Avery" I said as I held my hand out, he quickly shook it. "Max" he said as he sat down.
"So Max, how does it feel to be back?" I asked. He chuckled a little. "It's a quite comfortable chair so I'm feeling fine" I decided to laugh at most of his jokes, I had a feeling he liked that and honestly he was pretty funny.
I asked him a couple of questions about the car and the next season. I noticed how he started to soften up a little.
"Thanks Max, that's all for today" I said, he just nodded and got up.
He wanted to get out but he stopped and turned to me.
"Are you in charge of this season?" He walked a little closer to me. "Yes, together with him but I will do the interviews" I pointed at Scott. He was great at finding the best shots, but he wasn't too great at doing interviews or making people feel comfortable.
"I like that. You did a great job. Good luck and I'll see you in the garage" he said before walking out. He was actually being nice to me.
I thought he would be the hardest to please but maybe I was wrong.

After I interviewed Checo and Christian, I wanted to grab some food before we had to film stuff in the Red Bull hospitality. I grabbed my phone to text Scott but was quickly interrupted.
"Fancy seeing you here" I looked up and saw a smiling Lando in front of me. So it definitely didn't work to avoid him. "Oh, I didn't even recognize you with your clothes on" I chuckled and I guess he didn't expect this answer because he laughed a little too. "It's a better view without clothes right?" He raised his eyebrow a little.
I couldn't totally remember what he looked like under these clothes but I remembered a couple of orgasms. "Definitely" I winked at him but I was so hungry I needed some food.

I started walking passed him but he just followed me. Okay I guess the conversation wasn't over yet. "So this is your first day?" He walked next to me. The Mclaren hospitality was the other way so why was he following me?
I didn't really wanna tell that I worked for Netflix because we didn't have the best reputation around here, even though he would probably find out soon enough. "It is and I'm quite hungry so I'm actually on my way to grab some food" I didn't want to be rude but I only had half an hour to find food and eat it before we had to be back in the Red Bull hospitality.
"Got it, bye Avery" he said as he turned around.
He actually remembered my name, I was kind of surprised. I looked at him for a little while, why did he sound disappointed?

I shrugged it off, I had other things to worry about right now.

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