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we tend to live in a state of normalcy

and pretend that everything is fine

the bottled up emotions of sadness and anger

tend to envelop our thinking

and affect our decision-making skills

we tend to gravitate towards pleasing other people

rather than making ourselves happy first

we jeopardize our happiness

when we begin to think less of ourselves

an internal battle brews when negative thoughts

appear like thunderclouds and wreak havoc in our minds

lightning strikes again and again

creating chasms - slowly tearing us apart

other people are smarter, more beautiful and much better than us

and we push ourselves to become them

rather than knowing ourselves first

we strive to conform, to belong

instead of being what we truly are and accepting it

and once we've done that

happiness blossoms into a butterfly inside of us

wings fluttering in different colors

bringing in change and a new hope

the thorns that surround our hearts

slowly disappear, leaving only roses

as other flowers bloom in happiness around it

and finally our garden is alive once more

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