first love

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we fall for someone

who promises us the moon and the stars

even though we have galaxies of our own

but the promise of a relationship

is a distraction, if not a hindrance

when the person you love is not truthful

and we tend to believe that forever exists

even though it only lasts for a second

all of their little quirks

become your most favorite things

and the sum of their parts

is a masterpiece created by the gods

the feeling of butterflies

overwhelms the moths in your stomach

and the redness of your cheeks

give away all your secrets

the walls start to crumble

and you finally let someone in

your heart betrays your brain

when it quickens at the mention of his name

sending you too much blood in excitement

you suddenly feel faint

and there's drumming in your ears

that, my dear is what

falling in love feels like

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