Chapter Twenty

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My dress swishes around my ankles as I leave the girls changing room and walk down the hall, Mia grinning by my side

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My dress swishes around my ankles as I leave the girls changing room and walk down the hall, Mia grinning by my side.

"This feels a little... unnecessary now," I say, my eyes ahead to where Becca is waiting for us in the hallway.

"Nonsense. You wouldn't have brought it if you didn't plan to wear it..."

"That was before. When all I had to do was get the zombies here and remove the magic on Jensen. Now we also have to stop them turning our entire year into the cast of the Walking Dead." My fists clench so hard I can feel my nails dig into my palms.

"Don't you want Henry to see you in it?" My lips part in protest but I say nothing because it occurs to me she's right. I do. My cheeks heat and I turn away as Mia chuckles.

We stop next to Becca to stand in front of the open doors of the school's main hall. It's already filling with students wearing nervous smiles along with their form-fitting suits and slinky dresses, their eyes glistening with anticipation for the night ahead. Prom is starting even as teachers and students rapidly finish decorating the hall. A DJ is hastily setting up on the stage, their colourful light display flashing across the room as they test them. The hall had been turned from a decrepit space, with its high woodchip walls and dark wooden panels into a frothy confection of paper rings, balloons and fold-up tables scattered with glitter, as if they fill it with enough clashing colours it will cover up the fact that they've put this together in about twenty minutes.

"I have to hand it to Zara. She might have a been decor dictator but she would have died before letting them turn prom into a tween disco."

My mouth drops at Mia's acid joke who just shrugs in response. Becca is typing rapidly on her phone as another couple of students barge past us, carrying a stack of chairs.

"Someone tell me what is happening? Why would they move prom an hour before it starts?"

"So..." Becca begins, not looking up from her phone. "The hotel saw Zara leaving covered in blood and looking like a... well, a zombie and they freaked. They then saw the girls' loos covered in more blood and freaked again so they cancelled the school's booking. And as the school already paid the DJ and the teacher's overtime... they just moved it here."

"They weren't a little concerned about the zombie?" I hiss and Becca dips her head.

"Same as with Jensen... they're blaming TikTok." I growl and fold my arms tightly across my chest. "They think the whole zombie thing is trending. All the sightings over the city... just bored teenagers trying to go viral... and that is why the intelligence of adults is not to be trusted."

Becca slams her phone back into her bag and puts her hands on her hips. We stand there staring at the scene ahead. My heart races as I try to unpick this enormous mess. Prom was starting now. And Jensen and the zombies were heading right here.

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