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Prom Night of the Living Dead by DaniDraven
Prom Night of the Living Deadby Daniella Draven
Prom, exams, turning your longtime crush into a zombie... life's tough when you're a teenage necromancer. *** Willow has had a crush on Jensen Peters FOREVER. And with p...
THE RESERVED ZOMBIE by zinaschultz
Hidden in plain sight are Zombies. They come in all sizes and even have names, addresses and cell phones. Some are poor but most can afford a frugal lifestyle. This is...
deep breath ¤ an original story by caltonhoynes
deep breath ¤ an original storyby ashleigh
“what do we do now, goose?” “we run” ~ an original story by ashleigh robinson a.l robinson © 2015
UK:Z by kingbabbers
UK:Zby kingbabbers
No guns, no problem. Tom experiences his favourite thing come to life, when a Zombie virus starts but will he be able to cope?! A upcoming Zombie Comedy, following a gro...