Chapter 38

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"We're here!" Francesca said whilst gulping. She attempted to unlock the door and it was successful. Francesca was about to walk in unarmed. I out my arm out to stop her and pulled out the sword from my back. Francesca moved back slightly. I entered the house. "Hello?" I shouted. I then started banging on the wall. "What are you doing?" Sara asked. "They can hear noise very well, they will come to me if I make noise." I replied. "Okay." Sara said. Nothing was coming, but I heard noises from upstairs. "Maybe a zombie is stuck in the closet or something." I stated. I walked up the stairs with the sword ready to swing. "Mum?" Francesca shouted. "Mum!" Francesca found her mum. Francesca's mum was exactly how she described her to me. She had pink purple and blue hair. I walked forward and saw a baby in a cot. "Oh my gosh!" Francesca shouted. Her and her mum both burst out into tears. "Where... Where's Andre and Peck?" Tiffany asked. Francesca gave her the look. Tiffany sighed. "Same thing with uncle Mario. I closed the door and gave them some space. "Go downstairs and unpack. It looks like we're going to stay here for a while." I said to the group.

(Tiffany's POV)

"The baby's name is Connie." I told Francesca. "Where have you been all this time?" I asked. "We've been everywhere. We went to America, I've toughened up mum!" Francesca replied. "I don't want them here!" I blurted out. "What?" Francesca replied. "I want them out of here, or I'll kill them..."

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