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Giant and Tiny Short Stories by Wooper250
Giant and Tiny Short Storiesby Myra
This will be a book of just giant and tiny short stories! (Obviously..) Some of these will be extremely dark while the others will be the fluffiest fluff to ever fluff...
  • eatenalive
  • giantsandtinies
  • giant
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Tiny by giantess44
Tinyby giantess44
Could you imagine being small? Like REALLY small? About two inches to be exact? Well find out what its like in this story! This story is a collective of stories from...
  • pov
  • people
  • adventure
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Emma by giantess44
Emmaby giantess44
Emma Is My girlfriend she loves action and adventure and unlucky for me she can be a little sadistic at times...
  • have-fun
  • feet
  • v0re
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The Giantess House by giantess44
The Giantess Houseby giantess44
My First story, about 3 people, and their encounters with the horrid beautiful giantess, one is going to be first person, the next third person, and the final YOU! im go...
  • giantwoman
  • vorepov
  • v0re
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The Giantess House 2 by giantess44
The Giantess House 2by giantess44
By popular demand! The sequel is here! Hope you all enjoy!
  • horror-thriller
  • fantasy
  • magic
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Eaten Alive ✓ [Completed] by AlfieMeader
Eaten Alive ✓ [Completed]by Alfie Meader
Highest Rank In Horror - #7 The horrific zombie apocalypse breaks out! Alfie finds himself with two people that he has only just met as the world begins to slowly end...
  • kill
  • survival
  • murder
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Vore rp book by flower_rewr
Vore rp bookby flower_rewr
Exactly what it sounds like
  • alive
  • supernatural
  • eaten
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Vore Roleplay and Short Stories by RebootedDyanmite
Vore Roleplay and Short Storiesby RebootedDyanmite
Vore Roleplay and Short Stories for those who enjoy it!
  • roleplay
  • eaten
  • tiny
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Just a Nightmare, 2016 ~ By: Victoria Craig by Roxia_Morbia
Just a Nightmare, 2016 ~ By: Roxy NA
(Side note: I had this Dream when I was 4 and I just never really got over it for some reason, so that's why I decided to write about it blah) Written: 2016 ~ And when I...
  • yellowdress
  • eatenalive
  • spider
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Lost Food by knightcoder88
Lost Foodby GEM88
a tiny eats a giantess' food, and must pay the price.
  • giantess
  • tongue
  • taste
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Starvation Insanity by DJkittycat
Starvation Insanityby Emily Bryant
Sage was a normal girl until high school. She became hungry and hungry. She couldn't stop feeding. Her head ached with sharp pains. The pains became sharper and sharper...
  • humans
  • weird
  • gross
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The Melting Of A Fozen Heart by Zoe-NightFuryTrainer
The Melting Of A Fozen Heartby Mythical Matrix
A story about mwah meeting one of my characters in my very backyard. Being whisked away by complete accident to the third realm. What will happen? It's your choice to fi...
  • author
  • gianttiny
  • adventure
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Her Main Squeeze by gwelcher
Her Main Squeezeby Gernell Welcher
One woman's intimate brush with death at the hands of a beloved pet.
  • eatenalive
  • boaconstrictors
  • dangerouspets
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Eaten Alive by jnancle
Eaten Aliveby Nicky
Mrs. Santos was still a very mysterious teacher for me. Ever since she came to this school, everything.... Has changed. FIND OUT MORE. (TagLish)
  • cannibalism
  • eatn
  • jeyenelow25
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Staring death in the face by TheDeathOfShadowLink
Staring death in the faceby Amethyst Pond
Jakob wakes in an abandoned car in an empty parking lot. He notices a swift movement across the parking lot, yet he sits there alone. Wondering what he saw he decides to...
  • apocalypse
  • cautious
  • zombie
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Eaten alive  by dancersxo
Eaten alive by dancersxo
It's the perfect home! Master bedroom. Bathroom... zombies
  • dead
  • eatenalive