Starting over new

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"You kinda are a narcissist," Dimitri said and I looked at him

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"You kinda are a narcissist," Dimitri said and I looked at him.

"I'm not," I defend

"You kinda are," he repeats and I threw my drink at him and he moved away before it could catch him.

"Watch the suit. It's new okay," he said and I rolled my eyes

"I wasted my drink," I said before walking back to the kitchen.

"Look it's obvious you were wrong and he was also wrong for leaving because when I woman says leave they're actually saying stay," he said and I poured myself another drink.

"He went through a lot Royalty I mean I'm the only one who didn't go through anything bad in my childhood days," he said

I looked at him and he took a seat on my counter.

"What he haven't spoken about his inner demons?"

"No," I said while looking away.

"Maybe you should go talk to him, work things out," he said

"He called me a narcissist,"

"And he wasn't wrong. Look if Saige and I can start over fresh after everything that happened why can't you do that with him?" he asked.

"You're right,"

"I'm always right," he said and I looked at him with a glare.

He dropped off the counter and adjusted his suit.

"Okay then can I go home now because as much as I love being your personal monk and listening to your problems I also love my baby way more and she's probably on her way home as we speak," he said and I nod.

"Sure go ahead," I said.

"Thank god," he muttered

"Thanks Dimitri. You're a real good brother in law,"

"What are brothers for," he said before giving me a hug.

"Bye," I said

"And before you do anything sit down, search deep down inside you and figure things out for yourself before you face him," he said and I nod.


I knocked on Lorenzo bedroom door before opening it. He was laying on his back shirtless. His sheets cover his lower half as he looked into his ceiling.

He looked at me before sitting up.

"How can I help the great Royalty Valentino," he said before looking at the bouquet of flowers and whiskey bottle in my hands.

"You're right I'm a narcissist and I'm self centered," I said he raised an eyebrow.

"Even though what you said made me felt horrible inside and I wanted to kill you right there and then but some part of me knew you were right. My point is your words and Dimitri's therapist skills really made me look into my myself. You didn't deserve how I treated you from the beginning. We both lost our child and I behaved like I was the only one in pain after she died," I said while looking at the flowers in my hand.

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