What happened in the past

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“You’ll no longer be invited to any meetings concerning the many meeting held with the mafia leaders,”

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“You’ll no longer be invited to any meetings concerning the many meeting held with the mafia leaders,”

“But Regina I can-,”

“Althea you have proven that rumors and conversations that does not contributes to important business of mafia leaders and activities are more important,” I said

“Regina I apologize and I beg that you forgive me. Please don't kick me out of the mafia leaders group,” Althea said

I hate when they beg after doing something that they knew would have led them into a situation with them on their knees infront of me.

“No you kicked yourself out when you and your niece ruined my meeting by bringing up my relationship with the Italian Mafia into serious business,” I said

I mean do I like look like I have the time and patience for this. I hate wasting my time and today my time have been wasted by two blonde hair bimbos.

“I can only apologize a thousand time Regina please,”

“Well you wouldn't have to be apologizing if you had kept your big mouth shout and your nose out of my personal life,” I said before standing.

“You and your niece may leave my office,” I said

“Regina please,” Althea begged and I raised my hand to my head.

I was having a slight headache.

My ears were beginning to hurt from their begging.

“Enough talking. Leave!” I said

Althea got up and was about to talk but Lorenzo stopped her.

“She said leave and if you refuse to do so willing, I'll have my guards drag you both out,” Lorenzo said while coming to my side.

“You okay baby?” he whispered into my ear while holding me from behind.

I nod and placed my hand over his. We looked at them and Rosario was reaching from Althea's arm

“Let's go aunty” Rosario said and Althea pulled away from her.

“We are not going anywhere. You are out, you should have never woken up,” Althea said before walking out.

“But-” Her sentence was cut short when the door slammed close.

“Sit down,” Lorenzo said and I looked at him.

“But I'm okay,” I whispered back.

“Royalty I know you. You're probably having a headache or you feel dizzy right now,”  he said while stepping in front of me.

I sat down and Lorenzo looked at Rosario

“Leave!” he said while walking towards her

“You'll pay for this especially her,” she said and he grabbed her by the throat.

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