Is this the end

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“Do you want to know why I'm doing this?” Stella asked and I sucked on my teeth before looking at her

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“Do you want to know why I'm doing this?” Stella asked and I sucked on my teeth before looking at her.

“Not interested,” Sawyer and Dimitri said.

I looked away and looked behind her. The guard standing at the door took off his mask and winked at me.

Mr. DeLuca?


Am I seeing things?

I could have sworn I just saw Valerio.

Am I that hungry?

My eyes went to the person next to him and the other guard took off his mask.


He gave me a wink and they placed their masks back on.

Am I the only one seeing this

I looked over at Lorenzo and he had his head facing down. His eyes were closed and my eyes went to Zara's bite on his arm.

He needs medical help

“Well I'm going to tell you guys either way," she said and I rolled my eyes.

“I'm doing this because I'm tired of being a Valentino. I'm tired of living in Royalty's shadow. No one sees me as Stella. They all see me as the queen's little cousin with the nice body and knife skills,” she said

“Everything is always about Royalty. Royalty this, Royalty that well today it's time for Royalty to fucking die,” she said and I ran my fingers through my hair.

“You always get everything you want,”

“You have a dad and I don't. Because your mom killed my dad,” she said and I looked at her.

“Say something you fucking bitch!” she cried

If it's anything I feel sorry for her.

“Your mother killed my father because your uncle had to fuck my sister's mother,” she said and I raised an eyebrow.


The deceased Irish mob boss is your father

“Maria was my sister not that I really care for the bitch but that's something you took from me,” she said

Who the fuck is Maria again?


Lorenzo's ex-girlfriend.

“Actually we were the ones who killed her,” Dimitri said while raising his hand.

Does this kid takes anything serious?

I love him though

“Shut up Dimitri!” 

He drew a zip over his mouth and pretended to lock it with a key and threw it. Sawyer pretended to catch it and reopen Dimitri's mouth.

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