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Author's Notes

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First of all, I would like to apologize to any readers who have had read the two previous books of the same name: "Elder Scrolls", "Dominion", blah blah blah.

The explanation for this is because I practically criticized the books myself. Like they say, there's no better critic and teacher than yourself, right? Anyways, I judged my planned characters, plot, and stuff, and I found out that it was becoming too complicated and I disliked it.

I ditched the "main-character-is-a-prisoner" thing (which, btw, was a cliche in the games), and instead of doing that origin story all over again, I decided to make the main character, Karl, have his very own background story and give him more screen time, because he's the main character. Second, I'm still going to do the Legion-Dominion War (you may already know this from the title and the description, excuse my redundancy), because I actually liked it and I thought it would be a great setting for the story.

So, there you go. Hope you enjoy this rebooted book, and I hope this would be the final time I make anymore changes, but if I do, it's to fix any mistakes or complications, thus making the book much more awesome (I had no other adjectives to say). Please leave a comment, 'cuz I need your feedback to make any more reboots (ok, this joke's getting old) and please leave a vote as well. Helps a lot!

I'll try to publish more content every Friday or Saturday.

Thank you.

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