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So, I will be adding more quotes to this book. The only reason I stopped was because I was almost 6 months clean, and this book reminded me of things that I didn't want to remember. Yesterday, I relapsed and the only person who can make me happy atm is Johnnie Guilbert. I've realized since yesterday that this book helped me and a lot of other people so much.

Since September I have lived with my moms boyfriend, my mom, and my sisters. Her boyfriend is a total dick and I fucking hate him. I honestly don't know why my mom even likes him. He thinks he's right about everything and tries to prove everyone wrong and just makes me feel like a fuck up all the time. To make things worse, the house we moved into isn't in the same town that I used to live in, so I had to leave all the people that I actually liked. My house is so far away from everything so I can't even walk around anywhere. I'm forced to stay at my house all the time and I hate it. At my new school everyone listens to dubstep/rap and if you don't listen to it you're automatically a loser. I only like about two people, and one of them is almost exactly like me. Our past is similar, we both have kind of the same style (band tees, skinny jeans, vans/converse) except she does't wear jeans, and we listen to the same type of music (Nirvana, Ptv, Bvb, Atl, Blink-182, etc). She is literally the only good thing out of this whole situation.

I hope that the new poems/quotes that I post help out some people. And sorry that this was all over the place, ily

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