A flip Of Reality

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You know when you think that life is a fairy-tale and that everything everyone says is true? So, you dream of a big house, a family and maybe a few dogs here and there, a happy dad who goes to work with his nice car and mom cooking in the kitchen.  You and your siblings running around. Awesome TV and great furniture. Maybe a boyfriend. That was my dream. You fantasize and think about everything and everyone, but you don’t realize that all the while you’re just preparing for deception. That was me.

I always thought that my mom and dad ending up with another person was totally NEVER going to happen.  I was wrong. My story started when we moved to the big apple. My family and I were always apart.  I went to school, and they went to their jobs and what not. We had nice family moments every Sunday, and we were stable. After seven years, we came back to our home land. That’s when it all went wrong.

My dad stayed in the city that never sleeps to gain money to finish our house in construction back at our home land while we came to work out family problems. Three years passed…three years apart from my dad.

At one point, my mom found out he was cheating on her. We found out months after it started because of a mistake. We were heart-broken, but even after that, I still understood him. Okay, yeah, he didn’t want to be with my mom, but that didn’t affect our relationship. “Even better”, actually, I thought. Another chance with a new person. “More presents”, I thought.

But what hit us was on Father’s Day. As usual, I called him from my family member’s house, and he didn’t pick up. So, I left a message telling him to have a nice Father’s Day and that I missed him. He never got that message. When I got home, my cousin called saying some lady was asking for my father so he gave her our number.  It turned out to be his other women. She was worried because she hadn’t heard from him since he left to come to Argentina. Yeah, our dad was here, and he hadn’t told us. Many things after that happened. You’d probably say “Your father is still your father and he’ll always love you.”

What type of father abandons you, doesn’t care about you and only sees you every once in a while to go for some stupid diner and that’s it? What type of father starts a demand for material things and not for their child? What type of father literally gives away their child to the mother legally without even a glance?

I’ll tell you who. A bad father. A miserable lowlife.

I ended up realizing I don’t depend on others. I realized I have people who fight for me. Our mother works night and day to give us what we want, and even though we have a few debts here and there, we are closer than ever. Things happen for a reason, and when I reflect on what happened, I wouldn’t change a thing. I look to the future and what I see now isn’t a big house and a happy family. I see independence. A comfy place to call home with the ones who would kill for me.

I might have problems and yeah, it hurts. Of course it does, but I’m happy.

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