Chapter 2 Soul Pet World

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    Chu Ye closed his eyes and activated the pendant in his hand.

    After coming to this world, Chu Ye doubted whether the necklace and pendant on his body contained Gan Kun, so he dripped blood on the pendant. As a result, he really found that there was a space inside the necklace, and there was a room in the space. Thatched cottage, a spring, a compass.

    When he found out that the necklace was really a space item and there was still a spiritual spring in it, Chu Ye was startled, and his whole body went cold for a long time.

    The heroine in the book also has a necklace pendant. There is also a spiritual spring in the pendant. The origin of the necklace is not introduced in the book.

    Chu Ye is very suspicious. After the original owner gave the necklace to Chu Sichen, the other party gave the necklace to the heroine in order to win the favor of the heroine. It became the golden finger of the heroine. Such speculation made Chu Ye's scalp numb. .

    Space props are very precious in this world. Usually, a space bag with only one square meter of internal space is worth nearly six hundred gold coins.

    Although the Chu family is a wealthy family, only the head of the family, Chu Xiong, has a space ring. It is said that Chu Xiong's space ring is about 100 square meters and is worth nearly 80,000 gold coins.

    The larger the space of the space item, the higher the value. This one, Chu Ye, has hundreds of square meters of interior space, and there is still a spiritual spring inside, and its value is immeasurable.

    Many people in the Chu family knew that Chu Ye had such a necklace. However, these people and the original owner felt that the greatest value of the necklace was the red blood jade used for decoration.

    Chu Ye was very excited about his discovery. After arriving at Longya Village, he tried to water the ground with lake water mixed with spring water.

    Chu Ye found that the field watered with spring water yielded twice as much as that of an ordinary farmhouse. If the amount of spring water was increased, the plants in the field would grow better. However, the spring water was limited, and Chu Ye didn't want to overcrowd the land. Eye-catching, it didn't do that.

    Chu Ye drank a cup of Lingquan water. The Lingquan water was sweet and delicious, and it also had a certain effect on improving his physique. The original owner played cockfights all the year round and did not pay attention to cultivation. His physical condition was average. , were replaced with spiritual spring water, and after drinking the spiritual spring water for more than a month, his physical condition improved a lot.

    Chu Ye took out the compass from the necklace and activated it.

    The compass was found by Chu Ye in the pendant space. The original owner had no impression of such a magical instrument in his memory, so Chu Ye could only explore slowly.

    After more than a month, he has roughly figured out the function of the compass.

    This is a compass used to find spirit beasts. The spirit beasts near the compass will be displayed with dots of different colors. With this compass, when entering the mountain, you can effectively avoid the territory of some dangerous beasts.

    Chu Ye was a little excited when he saw the three points displayed on the compass.

    The three dots on the compass indicate the mountains to the east of Longya Village. In the mountains to the east of Longya Village, there is a large silver-winged bee colony headed by a warlord-level queen bee.

    The silver-winged bee colony is a tyrant in the mountains. The colony of bees gathers honey in a mighty way, and no one dares to provoke them.

    The bee colony was fierce, and the villagers went into the mountains, and they all avoided it and walked around.

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