Chapter One: Life of Graves

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As the sun rises over the horizon and the dawn begins anew, the silence of the dawn over the dorms of The University Of Tokyo is suddenly shattered by the blaring alarms of the many students getting up to go to their classes. Most of those who didn't have classes were still awoken by the chatter and clamor of those who had classes that day, One of those people being Glenn.

Glenn, upon hearing the alarms and the chatter through the walls of his dorm room, quickly leaped out of his bed with energy usually unseen for the average just awoken college student. This energy lasted as he went to the kitchen of his small single-room dorm to make himself a simple breakfast consisting of some rice with an egg cracked over it, this and a glass of orange juice was a good enough breakfast for the boy as he scarfed it down in seemingly an instant, before retreating to his bedroom to do what he usually does with his free time. That being using his Super Famicom to play his favorite game, Final Fantasy VI.

This is how the boy usually spent most of his days, lazing about while doing what some would consider being a complete and utter lack of contribution to society. But to the boy, this was his life and he was content with it and its lack of changes. After what felt like mere moments to the boy, it was already noon. And at that time he had received a message on his phone which he paused his game to check.

"Glenn, you're late again! We told you to be here at noon last night! You know we can't play since you're the only one with the dice we need!" The text read, the annoyance of the sender radiating from the words on the small screen. Glenn looked away from his phone to the alarm clock at his side, the digital scoreboard-like numbers on it reading 12:30 PM.

"Wow, time flies by fast huh..." Glenn thought aloud before hastily typing out a response. "Shit, my bad! I got caught up doing something, I'll be there in 5 minutes!" Glenn lied through his teeth as he pressed the send button on his phone. Before hastily getting a few of his things together, Including a trusty pouch filled to the brim with dice with varying numbers of sides. D5s, D20s D100s, and such. With all of his stuff together, Glenn prepared to head out the door before he got another text.

"You said that the last three times Glenn quit making excuses and just hurry up already!" The text read as Glenn quickly found himself with sweaty palms. Instead of responding, Glenn put his phone away and hurried out the door of his dorm with his necessities.

Glenn hurried his way around campus in a rush before coming across his desired location, yet another dorm room. Glenn quickly rushed into the dorm without knocking, only to be met by the darkened interior of a two-person dorm room, silence quickly filling the air as Glenn shut the door behind him before trying to search for the light switch. As Glenn rubbed his hands against the walls of the dorm room looking for the familiar feeling of the smooth plastic that outlined a light switch, all of the silence along with his thoughts were broken by the clicking of a lighter, the soft flame illuminated the room as Glenn's head jerked in the direction of the flame, clearly shaken up by its sudden appearance.

"W-Who's there?" The boy stuttered, completely ignoring the illuminated face behind the flame. Glenn stared around the room, his heart racing before he once again faced the flame and the person behind it. "Wait is that-" Glenn was suddenly cut off by the blaring sounds of an alarm clock much like his back at his dorm. Over the blaring sounds of the digital clock, Glenn heard a voice.

"So... You've finally arrived, Glenn..." The voice spoke out much like a generic ghost out of a cartoon. Glenn knew this voice all too well yet he couldn't help but still be terrified, Backing away towards the door where he came from, he bumped into someone, causing him to squeal out in fear as they shouted out

"You're late Glenn!" This sudden shout caused Glenn to leap forward and bump into the light switch he was looking for from the beginning causing the room to be fully illuminated. With this Glenn sighed as he looked around to notice his four friends standing around ready to scare him. Yet with the lights on they knew that they couldn't scare him any further so they sighed in disappointment.

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