prologue - aaron & anya

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Vienna, Austria was a hot spot for tourists. At least, that's what June had found online. The chestnut haired girl was in need of a vacation, away from her nagging mother and friends who in all likelihood wouldn't even notice she was gone.

And so with her very scarce knowledge on the German language she was determined to travel alone. To figure out what truly laid beneath the beautiful country without having to do extensive research.

"Danke," June thanked the cashier, who nodded once. His eyes had been bloodshot and he had only spoken a total of two times, a simple hello then the cost of her items. She gathered the things sprawled over the counter, a map of Vienna, a bottle of water and a pack of mint gum.

If she had to be truthful, she had booked a flight to Vienna while drunk out of her mind. Being a coward instead of facing the problem she had gotten herself into. Albeit she didn't regret her impulsive decision, even if she would eventually have to deal with everything once she went back home.

June would still have a whole week, to think of what to say and how to reveal all this troubling information to her mother. How she was deciding to quit her major in accounting in order to switch to creative writing. To pursue her real dream of being an author.

She was putting everything she had on the table. No longer hiding behind her original major in case writing didn't work out. Her mother always worried about her, growing up in a poor family when she was June's age. And not being able to attend college after graduating high-school because her parents hadn't had sufficient funds.

Her mother's only option was to marry rich. And that is in fact what she did. Which resulted in a loveless and unhappy marriage. A divorce that mother had greatly benefitted from money wise. But what also came out of it was a torn apart little girl who didn't know who to choose.

'Mommy or Daddy?'

Even at a young age, she didn't know the answer to such a complicated question. So, her mother chose. Just like she chose her major and the style of clothing she wore up until her freshman year of college and her hobbies. Talents. Friends.

June was suffocating, and hopefully the great capital of Austria would allow the pressure in her head and in her chest to subside and bring her back to life for good.


The hotel room seemed spacious enough. One bed and a nightstand beside it. Her two suitcases fit perfectly under the lamp beside a leather chair. She flipped her wrist to check the time, realizing lunch would begin in a few minutes. Swiftly dressing herself in a soft beige sweater and jeans stolen from her mother years ago.

June grabbed her phone from the desk, as the screen lit up. Showing the hundreds of messages all from her split parents. Demanding for her to come home, asking of her whereabouts. Scolding. Shame devoured her insides. She couldn't bare to read anymore, slipping the phone into her back pocket while making sure It was on silent.

As she swung her door open, rushing forward she jolted into a stone chest. Whimpering, and quickly bringing her hand up to her nose. As her dark blue gaze flitted up at the surprisingly tall stranger. He was rather pale, the slightest tint of pink to his skin.

With tawny locks that slightly curled at the ends and dark eyes that made her heart flutter. His features fit his face well and he towered over her in a strikingly horrifying way. Somehow she found delight in the fear that bloomed in her heart.

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