Chapter 2; 𝑴𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒔 & 𝑷𝒓𝒂𝒚𝒆𝒓𝒔

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"We make merits together, so next life we will get to see each other again."




"V-Vegas!" Pete screamed out and when he opened up his eyes and all he saw was Porsche eating in his room, his body was in pain as if he was shattering apart.

"What's wrong, Pete?" Porsche asked as he ate the curry rice that Pete's grandmother has prepared and delivered to him.

Pete was absolutely terrified, he looked around and he was in the same room during the days when he was in the main family.

"P-Porsche?" Pete called out as his voice trembled, his eyes were covered in tears, and he literally felt the pain through his head -- the moment when the bullet passed through his head, that feeling was still so vivid to him.

"Had a nightmare? You were sleeping really soundly last night." Porsche said as he walked towards Pete who was now shivering in fear.

"P-Porsche, where's the rest? Kh-Khun Kinn?" Pete asked but Porsche frowned the moment he heard Kinn's name, and the reaction that Porsche was giving to him was clear - Pete went back in time, to the starting point.

"Why ask about that bastard! He fucking torture me last night, everyone is against me!" Porsche said in anger and kicked the sofa beside Pete. 

Porsche went on and on about complaining Kinn but Pete was obviously not in the mood, he was so terrified he didn't even know why was he here in the first place! Time travel was obviously supposed to be a drama, but now it's happening to him firsthand!

"Er... or time are we in?" Pete asked, trying to sound casual but Porsche looked at Pete as if he was a completely different person. 

Porsche walked towards the curtain pulled it bright open and pointed at the sky, "sunny day, it's a Monday?" 

Pete didn't know how to pop the question further, he was trying to know which timeline are they in, have Porsche met Vegas? Has Vegas started anything yet?

Pete scratched his head and ruffled his hair in a mess, groaned, and got up off the bed and washed up, but shortly after Pol and Arm came by and shouted "Pete! The minor family is here! Why the fuck are you late!"

Pete was stunned at the words, his brain wasn't functioning at all! His mind was all about Vegas, he didn't know if Vegas recalled anything, if he doesn't then what is Pete going to do? He doesn't want to go at the same pace as how things unfold, he wants to save and change Vegas.

But if Vegas was still the old Vegas then Pete is going to have to dig his grave to change him because at this point he probably still doesn't give a fuck.




Everything in the past life was still so vivid to him as if it all happened yesterday, the pain that Pete was feeling was not only physical but mentally, the thoughts and pain were eating him.

 "What happen, why are we in a straight line?" Porsche asked out as Pete snapped out of his thoughts, he looked at the front and his eyes were hopeful

"Today, the minor family is having a meeting here," Pete answered Porsche's questions but his eyes were glued to the front, just at this point they drove in, the very same car in Pete's memory drove in!

In that exact same memory, in that exact same timeline, Vegas walked past Pete with that smirking face and his scent just causes Pete to tremble. 

"Who's that?"

"That is V- Khun Vegas, the oldest son positioning as Khun Kinn" 

Pete's voice trembled every time he speaks about Vegas, his heart was beating as if it was going to jump out of his chest.

"Hm, Pete, you looked like you are scared of Khun Vegas? Your eyes say it," Porsche said as everyone walked into the meeting room, Pete took glances at Pete but somehow Vegas seemed cool about it. 




Pete escaped from the meeting room and headed to the garden to take a break, whatever was happening right in front of him was driving him nuts! With Vegas' current reaction he probably had no recollection of whatever happened between them.

Pete put a cigarette in his mouth and tried to find a lighter but the lighter wasn't in his pocket, yet suddenly there was a pair of hands that were in front of him holding up the lighter.

Pete immediately turned around as he was too aware of Vegas' scent, 

"Vegas!" Pete's unconscious shout of his name caused a little frown on Vegas' face, "Hmm..." Vegas looked at Pete, checking him out from head to toe.

"Lit it up," Vegas said to Pete as he raised the lighter towards the cigarette, Pete looked like he was about to burst into tears, the man that he was wanting to meet his whole life is right in front of him now, yet he had no recollection of whatever that happened.

Vegas frowned at Pete's action, those little puffy eyes were so red and it looked like Pete was about to burst into tears any moment.

"I scared you or something?" Vegas asked, taking the lighter back into his hands, but before he could even answer a loud gunshot was heard.

Pete froze when the gunshot was heard, his eyes widen in fear, and looked at Vegas, "V-Vegas..." unconsciously Pete hugged Vegas tightly in his embrace.

The minor family bodyguards saw this moment and probably will be shocked for the rest of their lives! Vegas was literally standing there allowing Pete to hug him, especially someone from the main family! 

"Never knew the head of the main family bodyguard, will be this out front to do this to me," Vegas teased and Pete froze, just realizing what he had done to Vegas in this timeline!


"K-Khun Vegas,-" Pete tried to say something but nothing was coming out of his mouth, he let go of Vegas' embrace and looked at his eyes.

But Pete noticed something different, this Vegas looks more humane, it wasn't so dead. It felt like Vegas had some sort of feelings at this point.


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