Not So Common Sense-Chapter 4

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We reach the end of Aezlynn's road i feel my eyes start to water. This has never happened to me. I don't loose control. I don't freak out on humans. Until now.

"Cadie, pull over." Aezlynn says knowing something is wrong. I listen and pull over. I look at Aelynn and the tears rush out. I start sobbing. This makes it even worse. Not only did i just freak out in front of a human, but his blood freaks me out. I don't understand what is going on. I need my mom but we have a strict no call while they're at work policy. I have to deal with this on my own. I have to go to school.

I look at the clock and see it's 7:45, school starts at 8:05, and school is about ten minutes away. I stop crying, smile a weak smile at Aezlynn, and repull out on the road. While I am driving I make myself presentable. Aezlynn puts her hand on mine as it rest on the arm rest in the middle of us.

When we get to school, I get out of the car slowly. I'm not ready for this. I need time to think, to figure out what happened and how to deal with it.

"You can do this." Aezlynn says, making me look at her. She is smiling a comforting smile. She knows what I'm thinking with out my powers. I walk to her side of the car and hug her for a good two minutes. "We have to go inside now." She says, breaking the hug and taking my hand. I follow her reluctantly.

When we enter we are instantly hit with all the sounds and smells of the normal high school. People are rushing around either trying to find their homerooms or their friends. I look at at my schedule and see my locker on the opposite side of the school than all my classes... Great. I grab Aezlynn's schedule out of her hands and find out her locker is right next to mine and we have all the same classes. My heart picks up a little more speed making me feel a little better.

"Acadea! Aezlynn!" I turn to my left to see Berrett walking up. I put on a half fake smile.

"Hi, Barrett!" I say hugging him. He hugs me tightly reading my emotions (a slightly annoying power of his.) and knowing something is wrong. He's a vampire.

"What's wrong, baby?" he says, pulling me to arms length and looking me in the eyes. "You can tell me. You know that right?" Then he pulls me in another hug, then turns to Aezlynn. "What's up Lynnie?!" he says, then I zone out.

Looking around I see many familiar faces, none I necessarily want to talk to. So I walk to my locker with Barrett and Aezlynn chatting quietly behind me. As I turn down the hall way my locker is on, I stop dead in my tracks. Barrett senses my freak out and stops, but Aezlynn runs right into me, out of instinct I shock her. She squeals. And the reason I stopped turns towards me and so does the person standing next to him. The principle, Mrs. Rosamund. She smiles and walks up to us.

"Acadea, my smart little trouble maker. It's good to have you back. Aezlynn! You have a job. I have made the schedules so that Sylis here has the schedule as Acadea. She is suppose to show him around, but I need you to keep and eye on her, so I made you have the same schedule, too." Barrett by now has pulled me in to him as my world wind of emotions hits him.

"I'm so sorry, Barrett." I say, once again on the verge of tears. This is like a twisted fate. I have to be beside him, all year.

"No, baby, don't apologize. This is your fault. You can't help it." He pulls me away so I'm at arms length and smiles. "And he does smell good. I can smell him from hear." I laugh, forcing the tears back and turn around.

"Is something wrong Acadea?" Mrs. Rosamund says, looking very worried. I shake my head afraid to talk. Sylis is walking up with a confused and curious look on his face. I smile weakly at him. It's not his fault either. I run my hand through my hair and start reading his mind.

...Why is she so afraid of me? What happened at my house this morning? She's really cute.

I laugh at the last thought and that makes him more confused. Barrett slips his arms around my waist. We are just friends but boundries have never been a problem for us. He doesn't look at me like that and I don't look at him like that.

Damn! She has a boyfriend!

That makes me laugh harder. I whisper that thought to Barrett and then he laughs with me. He untangles himself from me and holds out his hand.

"I'm Barrett, Acadea's friend. We are no where close to being boyfriend and girlfriend." He says. Sylis shakes his hand, his expression gets more confused. Barrett puts his hands around my waist again. This is now the time I'm suppose to talk I think.

"Oh, Sorry. I'm Acadea. Aezlynn introduced me this morning. And sorry about that. After I fell I got dazed." I say coming forward with Barrett coming up with me and hold out my hand. He shakes it never breaking eye contact with me.

Why is she acting like nothing happened? Why does she still look timid around me?

Aezlynn steps in front of Sylis as me and Barrett make our way to our lockers. His is conveniently on the other side of Aezlynn's locker. I hear Aezlynn talking to Sylis as they walk up too. Sylis stops on the other side of my locker and opens the one next to it. Aezlynn opens hers and puts her bag in it. Sylis puts his bag in his and once me and Barrett are done, we walk to home room. Barrett doesn't have the same homeroom, but he promises me to be here as soon as the bell rings. I know I can hold him to it, he always keeps his promises.

"Bye, baby. See ya Aezlynn. Bye Sylis." He hugs me and Aezlynn, then "pounds" Sylis. I laugh at how corny he his. As we walk into our homeroom I sense Sylis is trying to be as close to me as possible. This is going to be a hard year.


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