Not So Common Sense--Chapter 2

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Chapter two. I realize that my chapter so far has been really short, so this will be longer. Comment, even if it's bad, i need information. This is my first story, and I don't know how well it's going.....

--------------Chapter 2

I take the back roads and am at Aezlynn's in less than five minutes. As I pull on to the street, I see a moving truck next door to Aezlynn's house. I don't see any people moving out side, so I just pull in to her drive way. What I see next makes me laugh so hard I can't get out of my car for at least five minutes.

Aezlynn is hovering, I mean hovering, next to her fence. She is glued to some activity I must have missed when driving by. She is so glued she didn't see me pull up or get out. So to unattach her from her distraction I twirl my pretty little witch finger and send her falling to the ground. And then laugh out loud will she stands up and brushes off her bright blue pajama pants.

Your evil.... Pure evil. She thinks knowing I am reading her mind. I giggle and flutter my eyelashes as we walk inside.

"So what is so important, I had to rush through breakfast and come over here this early in the morning?" I said acting like it was the worst thing in the world, even though I had to come early anyways.

"Oh, whatever you had to come over here anyway." She growled, she was still mad I broke her hovering spell so easily. She was a full witch and she took that as she should be more powerful, but I guess the vampire in me gave my witch powers a boost. That didn't sit with her well. I looked at her confused. How did she know that? I hadn't said anything about having to come early.

"How did you know that?" I said smiling and putting my arm around her shoulder. She shrugged out of it.

"Your uniform has been here all summer. It's kind of obvious you wold have to come early to get it." She said. She opened her door and tried to slam it in my face, I just ran to her couch and let it slam. When she's mad at me being a witch she forgets I'm a vampire. I lounge on her couch as she comes in the living room, glares at me, and then rolls her eyes and walks up stairs. I skip up after her happily.

"Lynnie!" I step in front of her door stopping her from walking away from me. "You can't be mad over one spell! I'm sorry, please tell me why you wanted me to come over." She lowers her head, but then she remembers her big news and brightens up.

"Oh! Yeah! There is a family moving in next door and the son it really cute! I want to go meet him but I'm scared. Will you go with me?" She says in one big breathe.

I smile as she finishes. She may be my common sense, but I definentely have more courage than her. "Of course I will! Let's get our uniforms on and make up done and we should have enough time before school to go meet the family next door!" I say. Her eyes light up with excitment and she hugs me hard.

We enter her room. I have to squint because it's so bright. She like bright colors. Her room is lime green and bright neon orange. Her curtains are open so it's flooded with light. I hurry to her dark closet and search for my uniform.

"It's on the top shelf in a converse box. Oh the Chucks in there are your too, Happy Being My Cousin Day." She says turning to her bathroom. She looks at me and smiles as I open the box. Inside is my uniform, a pair of crimson high tops and black high socks. The socks and high tops match my uniform perfectly. Our school is a private school and it makes us wear very cliche uniforms. The skirts are pleated red and black plaid, the shirt is white and button up with the school emblem on the right breast pocket. They even make us wear knee high socks, but we can wear what ever shoes we want.

I pull off my shirt and pants and slip on the skirt. Aezlynn comes out of the bathroom in the same outfit on and look at me.

"I really hate you, you know that right?" She says. She then sits on her bed and pulls on a pair of red socks and then white high tops.

"Why?" I ask button up my shirt and then joining her on her bed pulling on my socks and shoes.

"Your perfect. Your hair is the same exact color as a crow, blue majestic tint and everything." She whines while standing up and pulling me with her. "Your body is perfect, your teeth are pearly white. You have a rebel personality which every guy falls in love with. I love you and hate you so much sometimes." She finishes and then pulls me in to a hug.

"I love you too, Lynnie." I say into her blonde curly hair. I pull back and look her in the eyes. "But you are perfect too, I would be nothing if I didn't have you, my perfect common sense." I smile and my eyes tear up. "Now let's go meet some neighbors!" I say, pulling her out of the room and down the stairs.


I'm so sorry if this is like super long. I just kept writing. But I did say it would be longer......


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