Not So Common Sense

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This is my first upload on wattpad (or any other sitez) to show my writing. Ever...... I'm not sure if I should but i'm going to give it a try because I think my story (ies... maybe) may have potential. So tell me what you think. If it's not good i won't continue.


My name is Acadea, and I am a vampire. Wow, in my whole life, I don't think I have actually admitted that. But I am, oh and I am also half witch so I have that going for me. Why I am a freak in both the human world and the magickal world? My parents fell in love.

Don't get me wrong I love them and love that they're happy, but it's weird. Even more weird? My father is the witch. Worlock? I don't know. And my mom is a vampire. So here I am, a interworldly "miracle". Yay, me......


This is just an Intro, I like to give insight to at least my main character..... I am going to post the First Chapter today as well...... 

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