Not So Common Sense--Chapter 5

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------------------------Chapter 5

Homeroom went by with no incident. We have Miss Scarper, who is really laid back so she let us talk the whole time. Sylis sat on my left and Aezlynn on my right. Aezlynn held my hand the whole time. I didn't ignore Sylis, but I tried to keep the conversation to a minimum. I really just let Aezlynn do all the talking. About five minutes into a conversation they were having about who the best NFL team was (Aezlynn as always sticking behind her Bears, and Sylis going more for the Cowboys, which happens to be one of my teams) I zoned out. I pulled out my very worn copy of Romeo and Juliet and started reading it. I know the play is corny, but I like it. I think I have read it so many times I have most of the lines memorized.

The bell rang shortly after. I sighed and looked up at the clock. It was only 8:35. We still had seven hours to go. I put my book back with my things and walked out of the door. Aezlynn and Sylis were still debating out in the hall way so I didn't bother them. Instead I smiled at Barrett and we walked together with Aezlynn and Sylis behind us. Aezlynn was getting upset. Barrett laughed at Aezlynn's emotions. I got curious and popped into her brain.

This boy seriously need to listen. Or maybe not since me and Cadie have this argument at least once a week. They're meant for each other. Oh, Crap. Cadie! Get out of my brain!

 Barrett grabbed my hand before I could run away. Aezlynn stops arguing with Sylis and runs up to me, mentally apologizing. She looks at Barrett for help and he shakes his head. He knows I'm still mad, confused, and worried.

"Just leave it Lynnie." He says quietly. Sylis looks at Barrett, then at Aezlynn and then at me very confused. We don't have to go back to our lockers so we head for our first hour. Thankfully, Barrett has this period with us. I glance at the schedule and see it's English with the same teacher i had for freshman and sophomore year. Mr. Kinferd, he's ok. He makes English fun, he doesn't make us read boring book, and if we do, it makes them interesting. 

When we walk in, Mr. Kinferd smiles at our group. He knows that we are rarely alone. We always travel in the same pack. 

"Hi, Barrett." He says. "Acadea, Aezlynn." he nods his head to us. Then he looks at Sylis. His expression gets slightly confused. We never let anyone new into our group. "And who is this?"

"This is Sylis. He just moved here." I say bluntly. I feel Sylis mentally cringe. I see what he is thinking.

That was cold. Tempermental much. Then I physically cringe. That hurt for some reason. Barrett squeazes my hand. I look at Sylis and see him looking at me worried. I give him a small smile, that is mixed with a glare, then I turn and walk to the back.

Barrett sits on my left and Sylis sits on my right. Aezlynn has suddenly become quiet probably because she thinks I'm still mad at her. She sits in front of me. I squeeze her back to reassure her I will deal. She tenses and makes her body hot on accident.

"OW!" I say snatching my hand away. It has second degree burns, but it is already starting to heal. Aezlynn flips around.

"Oh My Gosh!" She screams grabbing it. I cringe and she lets go. "I am so sorry!"

"It's ok! It's ok!" I say. The burn is almost all the way gone. I look up to see she is tearing up. "Lynnie, I'm fine! Look, it's gone." I hold up my hand to show her.

"What's gone?" Sylis says. I tense but don't look at him. He's human which means he has no idea what just happened. I see Aezlynn's eyes tear up again, but this time some spill over. The bell rings class starts. But before Mr. Kinferd can take roll, Aezlynn raises her hand.

"Yes, Aezlynn?" Mr. Kinferd says. Aezylnn walks up there and whispers something. Mr. Kinferd nods and then looks at our group.

"Acadea, Barrett, and Sylis, will you please accompany Miss Aezlynn to the Nurse?" He says. I look at Aezlynn puzzled, but get up and walk to her. Barrett and Sylis follow.

When we get out in the hallway, Aezlynn hugs me. I am so sorry. She send me that thought and then breaks the hug and walks down the hallway.

"Aezlynn, that's not the way to the Nurse." Barrett says. Aezlynn stops and turns around with a smile on her face.

"I know." She says with a giggle. I immediately know she used her hyper-suasion on Mr. Kinferd. A witch, well a normal witch, has one power that is better then the rest. Only that witch and a few others, have that power. Aezlynn's is Hyper-suasion. I am a different story. Not only can I read minds, but since I'm a freak of nature I also have the power to talk to control Spirit. The most important and forgotten element. It allows me to heal other people, sense things and many other things.

"That's against the rules and you know it!" Barrett says, but there is a little bit of excitement in his voice.

"WHAT IS!?" Sylis asks. He looks angry. Uh-oh. I feel his heart pound harder and I can smell his blood more. That weird feeling comes over me again. I feel drawn to him. He looks at me like he feels it too.

"Sneaking out." Barrett says like it's obviously the only answer. I break eye contact with Sylis and follow Aezlynn down the hall.

"I must be rubbing off on her." I say with a smile. I hear Barrett chuckle and then him and Sylis jog to catch up to me.

"Well that's a problem." Barrett says quietly, then he takes my hand.

Sylis walks close to me. So close our arms touch every once and a while. Every time they do, I feel a shock. The bad feeling comes back, but this time, it's mixed with something else. I don't know what it is and that worries me more.

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