Not So Common Sense- Chapter 1

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Chapter one.......This is some what scary, i hope to hear your opinions!!!!

--------------Chapter One

I wake up from a very deep sleep, very angry. My alarm clock is ringing, signalling that the first day of school is here, and that I hadn't had any good blood in over two weeks.

I hear my mom moving around down stairs and know that if I don't get up she will sense that I went back to sleep and come up here. That wouldn't be good because she is majorly OCD and my room is majorly not clean..... So I pull off my comforter and pull myself out of my bed butt first, dragging out the moment before I have to take my head of my pillow. I walk over to my overly sized closet and uncover a small fridge. I get out a bottle of what should be blood, if I was that good of a witch it would, but I'm not so it just taste like it.

Opening it, I take a sip and turn around to find my uniform for school. Then I remember that I left it at Aezlynn's house. Well, I have to pick her up anyway so I'll just leave early. I hear my phone go off, and I have no idea where it is..... so I go back into my room and yank my dark purple comforter off my king sized bed. After I shake it a couple times I hear a small plop. I put my comforter back on my bed and scoop up my phone. Aezlynn's goofy picture is on the screen with an envelope. I click on the envelope and a text appears.

"Hey come to my house early i want to show u somethin!!!  <3 lynnie!" She practically read my mind. Which is funny because I can read hers..... I text back "K be there shortly <3 cadie" and hit send. Then i sit down on my bed and contemplate going back to sleep.

"Acadea?!" I hear the warm tone of my father. I guess that would be a no to going back to sleep. I sigh.

"Coming!" I reply. I slip on a pair of skinny jeans, brush my hair and teeth, especially my fangs and trot down stairs. "Good morning my wonderful parents." I say sliding into my seat at the breakfast bars, what can I say, I love them with all my half-human, half-immortal life. They smile and my dad sets down a plate of eggs and a glass of orange juice, my mom sets down a glass of real blood.

"Honey," my mom says will I chow down, "We'll go hunting this weekend, but in the mean time, I'll bring home blood from the hostpital, what kind would you like?"

"Doeshn't mather." I slurr through a mouth full of blood covered eggs. She chuckles quietly.

"Ok, I'll bring home a variety, but I have to go. Love you dear." She says, then she kisses me on the head, and pecks my dad on the lips and walks into the garage.

"Sorry honey but I have to run too, the lab is running very behind." He is a forensic technision.

"Ok, Love you!!" I call after him.

I chug the rest of my orange juice, grab my bag and keys and run out to my car. My car is my third love, behind my parents (tied for first) and Aezlynn who is a very close second. She, my car, is a 2013 Chevy Camaro. I jump in, turn up the radio and pull out speeding down the street to Aezlynn's house all the way across, this two mile town.


Ok Chapter one is complete. I hope you enjoy it, vote and comment!!!!!! The action will pick up once she get to Aezlynn's...

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