Not So Common Sense---Chapter 3

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I feel like I'm writing too fast but I can't stop. My goal is to have this be more that one page. Chapter three here we gooo......

----------------Chapter 3

We walk out of the door hand in hand. Not noticing where I going I slip on the stairs and fall on my face. Aezlynn laughs.

"You would think as a vampire you would be more graceful." She says grabbing my hand and pulling me up.

"Very funny." I reply brushing myself off. "I can't help it. I didn't know that step was so small."

"It's not small, you just over stepped it. I've lived here all my life and you still can't walk down the stairs properly." She says shaking her head and laughing.

"Come on." I growl, "We have to meet this kid and get to school." I walk down her driveway and around her fence. As we walk up the yard to the porch, we hear music blasting from what seems like a giant work radio. The song is familiar, something by State Radio, I think. We make it to the front door and I make my fangs hidden as Aezlynn steps forward to knock on door. Before she can do that it flings open and out of instinct I shove Aezlynn behind my back.

"Cadie!" She complains. I don't have time to react because as I open my mouth to reply it is met by the shirt of a teenager's chest. I accidentally inhale. I wasn't planning on breathing during this introduction because I hadn't hunted in a while, and that could be dangerous. I knew how to control myself most of the time but when it's in my face, well that's a different story. I feel my fangs drop and I stumble back, Aezlynn knows what is happening and she hides me while I regain control of myself. I start backing up because something feels wrong his blood is too strong, I feel more of a need to not just drink from him but to be close to him, too. I don't realize I've backed up so far and fall off the porch. Great two falls in one hour, today is going to be great. I squeal and land on my butt.

"Oh, My Goodness, is she ok?" The guys voice is soothing. It momentarily takes my pain away. This isn't right. Something isn't right, I keep telling myself. I feel him getting closer. I panic.

"No!!" I say. My voice is a whisper. He takes this as "No I'm not ok." and comes closer. I finally open my eyes trying to find Aezlynn. Instead I find his eyes. They are a bright forest green. His hair is a dirty blond and is spike, but not with gel, it looks more natural. Once I lock eyes with him, he stops. I know my pupils look dilated and I probably look scared out of my mind. Once I get a grip on the situation I break the contact and once again he advances. I crawl backwards until I hit a tree. Aezlynn finally figures out I need to leave and interupts his attempts to get close to me.

"Um, yeah, she's fine. She does it all the time. She's a big klutz." Aezlynn says stepping in front of him with a big smile on her face. "I'm Aezlynn, and she is Acadea, my cousin." She sticks out her hand. He is still holding eye contact with me. When he looks at her hand confused, I know this is my time to leave. "Nice to meet you?"

"Sylis, my name is Sylis. Sorry." He says, looking up to make eye contact with her. "Nice to meet you too, but I have to get ready for school, so I will talk to you later." He looks at the spot by the tree where I should have been. Watching this through Aezlynn's head, I see his confused look. Aezlynn lets go of his hand and smiles.

"Yep! See you later!" She says, turns on her heels and jogs to my car. She has never had to be so brave for me. I usually have it under control. When she gets in the car and puts on her seatbelt, I peel out of her drive way. As we drive by we see him standing dazed in his yard. 

Something is most definitely wrong. 

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