Chapter 6

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We sneak into the auditorium and sit down on the stage. I'm guessing my emotions make Barrett sit closer to Aezlynn than me. But I have popped into his head a time or two and all he is starting to think about is her. Many people think me and Barrett are dating, but I know he wants Aezlynn. It's hard to miss. He's like my overly protective brother. So his crush is adorable to me.

Sylis sits closer to me, so the ending set up is I'm sitting across from Lynnie and Barrett is sitting next to her facing Sylis. Sylis doesn't like this very much.

"So what really happened in there?" Sylis starts, "There is no way Aezlynn needed three people to take her to the nurse." I shoot Aezlynn a glance.

Do it and make it fast. I say into her head. Her eyes get wide, but she doesn't fight back.

"Sylis look at me," She says. Sylis looks at her puzzled. "You don't really need to know do you? What you really want is to get to know us better. And you know the only way to do that is to forget we snuck out of class. Don't you think that?" As she says this, her eyes tear up, from having to do this to him and from the energy it takes to persuade to people in less than one hour. She really doesn't need the answer to her last question. She knows it worked. It always does and always will.

"You're right Aezlynn, who cares?" Sylis answers a little dazed. Barrett puts his hand on Lynnie's. She looks at him and smiles weakly.

"I'm sorry Lynnie. It had to be done." I say. Sylis looks at me puzzled again and now I put my hand on his. It only lasts for a split second because we both flinch as the shock hits us. "Damn it! Why does that keep happening?!" I scream and stand up.

"I'm sorry! Are you hurt!? Let me help!" Sylis says standing up almost as fast as me. He steps closer and the wind from us standing up wafts his sent towards me. I feel my eyes go purple and my fangs drop.

"Barrett stop him." Aezlynn screams and Barrett is in between us in a split second.

"What the Fuck do you think your doing? And how did you get over here so fast?!" Sylis says. "Wait. Don't answer that." He chuckles. "You think I don't know about you guys?

"What do you mean? You mean you know about-" I say making my fangs go back in to regular teeth."

"CADIE!" Aezlynn says as Barrett smacks a hand over my mouth. "What the Fuck!?"

"OH Shit!" I say behind Barrett's hand.

"Wow. You think my mom would do that?!" He says going on, he sounds pissed. "You honestly think my mom, or your principal would send me to a school of witches and vampires without telling me? With out me knowing how to defend myself?"

"Well you didn't defend yourself for the second time today when Cadie has tried to suck you dry!" Lynnie says.

"Hey!" I say, "I have had wonderful control today thank you very much. And by the way Sylis, you couldn't take me down if you wanted to."

He blushes. "I know. You aren't like other vampires. If you asked, I would willing give you my blood. It feels right for you to have it."

"Oh, shit. Wrong thing to say. Lynnie force her down." Barrett says making Sylis back up. Sylis glares at Barrett and Lynnie but backs up. My fangs are now back down and I can feel my eyes turn a midnight shade of purple. Wrong thing to say was right. The worst thing you can do to a vampire is offer your blood. Being half vampire also takes away half of my control. I start to lung as Aezlynn uses a force blast to knock me down. Barrett is one me immediately holding me down as I struggle to get free. "Aezlynn! Hurry up!"

"Cadie. Cadie look at me!" Aezlynn says. I close my eyes and keep struggling.

"No! Your not going to stop me! Barrett let me go!" My vampire side has taken over and 100% vampire with 50% control is not good. My powers are gone though so I can't force Barrett off of me.

"Cadie damn it! Look at me!" Aezlynn says and burns me. I open my eyes which I know is the worst thing to do, but it hurt and she is pissing me off. "Ok, now you know this isn't right. You don't drink from humans even if they offer. Cadie! Your done. Stop. Calm down. Put your fangs away and Barrett will get off you. You don't want to hurt him. Cadie, are you ok?"

"Fuck you Lynnie. I hate you sometimes." My eyes are turning back to normal and my fangs had retracted. Barrett got off of me and helped me get to my feet. Sylis was at the edge of the stage looking scared out of his mind. "I'm sorry. But," I chuckle, " it was your fault. You should have learned not to do that."

He smiles. "It won't happen again. I promise."

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