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What is fear? 

From a scale of Regan Macneil being the worst fear possible to Lord Crumb being the least...

"Fear is but only what our imagination and our mind have yet to be reconciled with." 

"Fear is a construct created by the mind, to keep one from doing things that will make them uncomfortable."

"Fear is what holds one from doing badass things to become a badass."

"Fear lives in your imagination, it's only your thoughts, whenever you're ready, you can dim it with some liquid courage"

"Fear is absolute, it keeps one grounded."

"Fear is needed said the regulator; societies, civilizations, institutions and governments thrive by instilling and projecting fear to rule over the masses. "

"Fear is an emotion, it can be ephemeral, with continuous exposure and practice."

"Fear exists in a dark place between wimpy and courage."

This is dedicated to my beloved late brother, Bouget!

Na we anko!

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