Fear -- what is it to you?

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What is fear? 

To me, from a scale of Regan Macneil being the worst fear possible to Lord Crumb being the least...

"Fear is but only what our imagination and our mind have yet to be reconciled with." 

"Fear is a construct created by the mind, to keep one from doing more, being more, knowing more, and accept nothing less than epic."

"Fear is what holds one from becoming a badass 100."

"Fear lives in your imagination, it's only your thoughts, whenever you're ready, you can extinguish it with some liquid courage."

"Fear is a crippling bully. It keeps one in check and terrified to try new things, to push boundaries, to break the mold, to be more and climb mountains."

"Fear keeps one boxed in."

"Fear clips one's wings."

"Fear has no face yet it can take many forms."

"Fear grabs you by the balls, steals your lunch while reaming you from behind day in and out."

"Fear is needed said the regulator; societies, civilizations, institutions and governments thrive by instilling fear through policies, norms, and beliefs to rule over the masses. "

"Fear is an emotion, it can be ephemeral, with continuous snap out of it practice."

"Fear exists in a dark place between scared shitless all the time and taking risks."

This is dedicated to my beloved late brother, Bouget!

Na we anko!

What is your biggest fear????

  Together, we can stomp on it and bend it to your will!

For as long as I remembered, I feared my mother's death, and guess what??? She died. Horribly. 

And guess what else???

I survived by honoring her memory and owning up to that fear!

How do you beat your fears?

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