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I tug Car closer to me, the morning light streaming through the half closed blinds in our room

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I tug Car closer to me, the morning light streaming through the half closed blinds in our room.

I bury my nose in her hair, breathing in her smell- mixed with my shampoo which I washed her hair with yesterday evening.

Something animalistic in me liked that she smelt of me.

As I remember yesterday night, I embarrassingly feel my cheeks heat at the memory, and the mark she left on my neck burns at the thought.

Car shifts under my arms, turning around so her front is now pressed against my own rather than her back. I notice Milky cuddled under her arms, the cow now squashed between us.

"Good morning." She mumbles cutely.

I smile down at her half closed eyes, kissing each eyelid, "Morning, my baby." I tell her, nipping the end of her nose which makes her laugh, waking her up a little more.

She sighs, hands coming up to trace some of the small tattoos on my chest, "My brothers are coming over today." She mentions, nails tickling my skin.

"Mhm." I groan, "We should probably get ready, the kids will be hungry-" A meow cuts me off, and we both sit up slightly to see an impatient looking Arabella and Rodrick sitting by the door, waiting to go down for breakfast.

Car chuckles. "C'mon, we should clean before they get here as well." She says, and I bury my face in my pillow and groan.

"Fine." I sigh, and she gives me a look, sticking her tongue out at me as she gets out of bed.

I admire what she's wearing: nothing.

I lean back on my elbows, tongue in cheek, and just watch her as she goes into our closet, grabbing an outfit and slipping a bra and underwear on.

The bite mark I left on her boob last night still shows in her lace bra, and I smirk at the prospect. A sick part of me wanted it to scar and stay there forever.

She slips on an all black outfit, looking hot as fuck with her hair all messy and ruffled.

She slinks out of the closet, already looking like a model and goes to the windows, fully opening the blinds and letting the blinding light flood the room.

I squint my eyes and she scoffs a laugh at me, making me flip her off as she kneels in front of the floor length mirror, a small bag of her makeup sitting at the base.

I watch her through the mirror as she applies some to her face, enhancing her gorgeous features.

Her eyes snap to mine, looking back at me through the mirror. She holds my gaze, "If you get dressed, I'll do some for you." She says, holding up some of her makeup.

I smile wide and nod my head, getting up from bed. She smiles back at me amused, and continues finishing her mascara.

I disappear into the closet to put on a black t-shirt and sweats. For some reason I wanted to match her today.

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