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Wow, I finally finished my first book. Is it normal to feel this excited? >_<

The ending was bad, wasn't it...? It's okay, you can be honest😅Even I felt like it was too rushed.

As I said before, there were supposed to be 48 chapters, but since there were so many unnecessary scenes in the 47th chapter, I decided to cut it out.

Oh, and before I forget, thank you for all your support in "Shooting Stars"😭💜💜 It really means a lot, and I never expected it to blow up like this, thank you so much, truly...💜💜

I hope you guys will get to enjoy "Shooting Stars, Falling Stars" the Book2, which will come out in June. And as for the Korean translation for "Shooting Stars" (별똥별), to come out in May as the full story.

Ah right, tomorrow, I'm gonna upload "Shooting Stars, the Backstory". It contains most of the backstories that might help fill in most of the unwritten scenes in Book1.

I hope you have fully read "Shooting Stars" Book1 before moving on to the next book and the backstories, just to avoid getting confused, but if not, it's fine. I respect your decisions.

Enjoy the rest of your day, ARMY!

Again, thank you so much for your opinions and messages, I deeply appreciate it💜💜

- Rise of Bangtan Pt2-

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