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Hi guys~~ XD

Sorry if I haven't been posting 3-4 chapters a day as I promised. I've actually been busy packing all my stuff for my flight back to Seoul, which will be this Saturday. 

So, tomorrow will be the last update for this story this week and this week only. By Monday, March 21, I'll be back to writing again, and I'm excited to go back to Seoul. 

Lots of people actually messaged me and asked how old I am and what I do... To answer that, I'm already in my twenties, and I majored in photography--just like Y/N had--only I didn't discontinue it though, and am now working as a photographer for a variety of occasions. (Not sure why anyone would ask about me, but anyway)

Don't worry, by the time Monday comes, I'll get straight to work, and I won't let you down. You'll all know if something somehow happened to me on the plane if I didn't update, but let's hope it's all smooth sailing.

Thanks for you love and support, I hope you'll enjoy tomorrow's (extra-long) chapters and the upcoming chapters next week.


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