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First off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOONGI💜My bias😭, the fans wish you well, stay safe and stay healthy.

Second... thanks to @chanbr and @Floragal354 for being the first two voters of my story, thanks for your support, you guys are the best😊

And lastly, I will be holding a bit of a Q & A that most of the fans have been asking me so, let's get right to it!

Q: If Y/N had a special ability, what would it be?

A: Originally, while I was brainstorming ideas for the first draft of the story, I first decided that Y/N could see a person's past life. But then, it didn't really fit the story and the depth that I was looking for, so I made her powerless (Sorry, Y/N...)

Q: How many chapters do you plan to make?

A: Hmm, honestly... I'm not sure. Back when I made drafts of "Shooting Stars", it added up to 48 chapters. But, of course, that was made with a lot of missing details and I'm not sure how many chapters it would end up 😅

Q: What gave you the idea of making a story on Wattpad?

A: I've always wanted to be a writer. And I also love BTS. So, I decided to share some of my works in here, starting with "Shooting Stars". I mostly wrote this for fun, back when I was just starting to make the first three chapters. But I decided to keep it steady and ongoing when I received more views than I had hoped for.

Q: Who's your bias in BTS?

A: Up until now... I still have no idea😆 I'm OT7, but if I'm being really honest, I'm gonna have to pick Yoongi💜

Q: What happened to Jungkook's family?

A: Well, to elaborate more on Jungkook, his family were perfectionists. Note that I don't mean to offend or impose anything against Jungkook's parents in real life, so I just changed their names to Jeon Jitae and Lee Bora. 

Anyway, so yeah, their parents were pushing both Jungkook and Junghyun into studying hard, doing their best on things they didn't like. It got so bad, Jungkook lost all control because of the way they were treating him and his brother.

Q: Where are the other TWICE members and will the others show in the story?

A: As of now, I'm still debating whether or not I should add Momo. I decided not to give too much detail into the girls' rings because I don't know if I should make it 4 or only 3.

Soulmates should have an equal number of people. It's another reason why they are called Even. So, yeah, there's a slight chance I could add Momo.

Q: Will there be more K-Pop artists that will be included in the story?

A: Oh, there are. So, be prepared and excited to see other K-Pop bands in the story.

Q: What's your nationality?

A: I'm actually Korean, but right now, I'm studying in Los Angeles😊

So, that's it, thank you so much to my good readers. I hope you'll continue to enjoy and give support to "Shooting Stars" Book 1 (Yes, it's a series😆).

Stay safe everyone! Next update will be tomorrow.

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