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We were huddled under the stars of the night sky.

It was like having a camp-out.

Me and the seven men were drinking champagne and warming our hands on the blazing fire

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Me and the seven men were drinking champagne and warming our hands on the blazing fire.

"The stars are out tonight," Jimin hummed beside me, his head tilted upwards.

I looked up where he was looking, and a dozen of bright stars met my eyes. I smiled, "You're right, it's beautiful."

"How do you feel, Y/N?" Namjoon asked me carefully.

"I feel fine," I said, nodding. "I know...I'm not perfectly healthy at the moment, but I'm still feeling normal."

The rest of the member relaxed as I said those words. Seokjin stoked the fire with a large piece of wood, his handsome face illuminated by the fire. He was unusually quiet tonight, and let the other kids have their fun and talk among themselves.

Yoongi was silent too, and lay deep in thought, leaning against his chair. Every once in a while, he'd scrunch his face up, as if he was thinking about something he didn't like.

Hoseok wasn't in his brightest mood, but was still cheerful and said positive comments here and there. Somehow, it brightened everyone's mood a little.

Namjoon was the one who did most of the talking, starting up conversations that made everyone talk on and on. Somehow, he knew just what to say that made everyone feel comfortable and in their element.

Jimin, like the adorable man he is, mostly took pictures and selcas with us. We found out that his chuckles and laughter were very contagious, and we couldn't help giggling along with him.

Taehyung kept on asking for more wine, but as he had already gotten three glasses, Seokjin kept the bottle out of his reach by saying, "Yah, Taehyung-ah, this is only supposed to be light drinking, don't finish the bottle." Nevertheless, he was still energetic, running to and fro among the grass and randomly hugging everyone.

As for Jungkook, he ran around with Taehyung, laughing and picking at the weeds that were growing on the ground. 

We were in a sober mood, but we were in high spirits. Maybe it was because of the wine...or maybe it was because we were walking on eggshells about my condition...but we were full of comfortable silence.

And then Namjoon asked, "We haven't registered our SC*, right?"

(*An SC is an abbreviation of Soulmate Certificate. Like the name, it registers official soulmates that have been completed).

"Nope, we haven't registered our SC yet. Should we schedule it?" Hoseok said, sipping from his wineglass.

"Should we?" I repeated, my eyes still glued to the night sky.

"But the government handles that too, don't they?" Jungkook said with a small frown as he plucked the petals of a nearby daisy.

"But we're gonna need an SC if we're gonna apply for our passports."

No one was permitted to have a passport if they didn't have an SC...so the government stated. You were only assigned one when you have registered yourself and your soulmates and SC.

"Does that mean we can finally visit abroad now?" Taehyung said excitedly, leaning forward on his seat.

We all smiled at the idea.

"Alright, tell you what, let's pick a date to apply for an SC," Namjoon said decidedly, finishing the last of his wine. "It's better to do it before we return to work on April 17, before everyone gets busy."

We all talked about a lot of things.

Our worries, our fears, our dreams... Everyone was so comfortable to talk with and everyone was happy.

When I think about it, I had already accomplished several achievements that I didn't know was on my to-do list.

I finally met and bonded with my soulmates.

I finally have a job.

I finally learned to let go of the past.

I finally loved and accepted myself for who I am, even at a slow pace.

Everything had the word "final", in them, and I knew that this wasn't really the end...not for me, anyway.

After all, there were still those cranky investors, Nayeon and the girls' missing soulmate, the development of my ability, the government, and so much more to cover.


We waited until the fire had gone out, and we lay down on the cool grass, feeling the wind fly over our faces.

The sky was dotted with millions of twinkling and shining stars. 

It was like we could see the galaxy, but we knew it wasn't everything. Just a bit of it. Purple, green, blue, and many more colors blended together.

We lay in one big circle, our heads touching each other. The sky moved overhead above us. It was slow, but we could see the whole thing.

"Look, a shooting star!" I cried out, as streak of light passed through the air.

"It's like an arrow in the blue sky," Taehyung mused quietly.

Resting his head on the palm of his hand, Yoongi asked softly, "What did you wish for?"

I smiled to myself. "I can't tell... That would ruin my wish."

"Even if it was ruined, I bet it was still a good wish." Namjoon spoke up.

Jimin shifted noiselessly. "Guys, I have an idea. What if we each tell our wishes? After all, Y/N was the one who saw the shooting star...I bet her wish would work if we say our wishes."

"...Wow, that's a way of putting it," Seokjin chuckled to himself, his head resting on his arms.

Jungkook, excited to join in, said excitedly. "Okay, I'll start. I wish for happiness. It doesn't matter what kind of happiness, as long as everyone is feeling genuinely happy."

"I wish for...better life decisions," Hoseok said, when no one said anything.

"Ooh, my turn!" Taehyung said. "I wish for good health. For everyone. For Y/N-ssi, for Seokjin hyung, for Yoongi hyung, for Hoseok hyung, for Namjoon hyung, for Jimin-ah, for Jungkookie, and for myself."

"I wish for peace," Yoongi said quietly, though it was loud for everyone to hear.

"I wish for freedom," Jimin said decidedly. "What about you, Jin hyung?"

"Me?" Seokjin asked absentmindedly. "Well...I wish for good times and laughter."

Finally, it was Namjoon's turn. "I wish for motivation and dedication."

There was silence once more.

I sniffed. "All your wishes are beautiful. I'm scared that it might not come true once you said it out loud."

"What if you wished for all of them? Would that be okay?" Jungkook asked me.

"It's fine. But isn't that gonna be selfish?"

"It's bad to be selfish, yes," Taehyung nodded. "No matter what your wish is, Y/N, we're all gonna make sure it happens. Won't we, guys?"

A silent agreement passed between them.

As for my wish...

I hope their wish comes true.

"The stars are beautiful," I told them.

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