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Our Y/N was busy writing an entry for her journal. The specialist doctor told her it was good practice and would serve as a memoir in the following years to come. 

Her soulmates, Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook all agreed, so Y/N set to work.


April 5, XXXX

Nearly a month has passed since my stay at the hospital, and a lot of events went through with it.

When I had woken up from the hospital bed, the boys told me everything the doctor has said.

I couldn't help feeling giddy and happy that I was possibly gonna get an ability, at the same time, I was nervous and heartbroken about what my future would be and if I was gonna live long enough to spend every minute with my soulmates.

My sprained ankle was finally healed by the specialist doctor and after a day of recovery, I was already back in shape. 

I met with Secretary Hirai and she kept on apologizing and asking me if I was okay, though I assured her that it wasn't her fault and I felt fine. She still said she was sorry, and I was astounded to know that she had resigned and begged Seokjin to transfer her to Marketing Department A, to be of "assistance" to me.

I had finally caught up with Jihyo and the girls, and they were still very supportive and caring. I left out the part where I might eventually die, so as not to worry them. Besides, they were all having a good time and they had wonderful news to share, so my news of possible death just might ruin everything.

Jeongyeon told me that her cooking show was a huge success, and lots of people were following her on Instar Gram and I-tube. 

As for Jihyo, her students got 2nd place in a music recital, and their school got awarded a silver medal (She kept on saying that the other school cheated and stole their original song, so I hope it gets resolved and they get the justice they deserve).

And lastly, Nayeon now had different branches of her flower shop, which she had renamed to "Sixteen Twice", and she was earning a steady flow of income. I was glad to know that they had moved out of their stuffy apartment and they now lived in a beautiful, spacious house.

But I think the most exciting events were with my soulmates.

We promised we wouldn't talk about my condition too much, though we did try to share our thoughts and feelings as a group every now and then. 

Seokjin told kind Mrs. Wong to take a vacation from the mansion's kitchen, and the eldest hyung became the head chef of the "family", as Taehyung called us. His food was the best, and he made sure there was an equal portion for everybody. At one point, he and I went on a trip and went fishing together. I got to know more about him, and him about me. 

As for Yoongi, he did his part by cheering me up on rainy days. We took turns playing the piano, and we surprised each other by knowing the same songs to play, and our random freestyle almost sounded the same. If this wasn't a soulmate thing, I didn't know what it was.

He told me that he'd teach me how to play a guitar if I sang for him. I declined at first, but he said he'd include it in a song he was making, and he promised I would be the first one to hear it. 

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