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-(ARMYs, let's not feel too disappointed/angry at the Grammys, okay? Some of you agree that BTS deserves that award, right? Though I don't disagree with you there, it's better for us to keep our cool and become all the more supportive for our boys. They are an amazing, talented...not to mention handsome boy band, and not even the Grammy award can decide their greatness and talent. Cheer up, 보라해💜💜)-

It got so quiet in the room, you could hear a pin drop.

Beside me, the hospital monitor beeped, showing my heart rate increasing.

I didn't know whether to cry, laugh, or sigh. But it didn't look like the doctor was joking.

After about four second, almost immediately, hurt and anxious waves starting rolling out across the rooms, coming from the different members, at the same time overwhelming me. The atmosphere got even heavier when their voices joined together.

The weird thing was, I was aware of their voices, but I couldn't understand what they were saying. I couldn't hear them over the blood rushing to my ears.

Did that mean my lifespan was almost over? But I just got together with my soulmates. That couldn't be.

Suddenly, the doctor raised a hand, and the alarmed voices piped down.

When it got quiet once more, the doctor spoke again. "Miss L/N here is an Odd. And usually...Odds who get partnered with Evens as their soulmates...they don't make it."

"W-Why is that?" I asked, swallowing my fear and anxiety.

He looked at me, sympathy in his eyes. "There's a reason why Evens are called Evens and Odds are called Odds. Evens--like their namesake--are evenly matched with their soulmates. This is because they have their abilities that make them invulnerable to the emotions and feelings their soulmates feel. However, it's a different case for Odds. If an Odd gets partnered with two or more Evens for soulmates...their physical and mental state would eventually weaken. Those two attributes are not enough to handle the emotions and feelings of the Evens. Hence..."

Namjoon huffed, clutching my hand tighter. This time, I could hear what they were saying. "Wait, hold on. No one said anything to us about this. Why is that?"

The doctor shook his head sadly. "This is why the government wishes to further eliminate all Odds. Yes, they have been granted freedom and authorization, but in the end, it will all amount to nothing. Odds and Evens aren't supposed to be mixed together."

I felt lightheaded and I gripped the sides of the bed to stabilize myself. "Is there anything we can do about it?"

"Our scientists have created a temporary pill for Odds to take," he said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small bottle that rattled when he handed it to me. "This helps strengthen your build like that of an Even's. This prescribed medicine is a bit stronger than most, so I advise you only take it once a day, preferably after eating."

I took it with shaky hands. Half of me wondered if this was still a dream, or if this was some sort of hallucination.

Suddenly, I began to feel really drowsy and sleepy. I felt a hand rest on my shoulder and a voice that sounded like Jungkook whispered into my ear. "Y/N, we'll take care of this. You should go rest. You need it."

Jungkook took the bottle of pills from my hand and, with the help of his strong arms, he helped me lay back down. After that, my eyes closed shut, and I entered into a deep sleep.

Third Person POV:

Once Jungkook put Y/N to sleep using his ability, the rest of the members sat down and glared at the doctor. Somehow, they all wanted to blame him for unsettling Y/N and bringing news of Y/N's possible death.

"Explain," Namjoon said to the doctor, his voice cold and dark.

The doctor glanced back at the door, as if wondering whether he would make a run for it. Both Jimin and Yoongi tensed, their ability at the ready, if ever he should run.

To their relief, the doctor didn't run but sat down on a chair. "Mr. Kim, were any of you aware of Y/N's blackouts?" He asked instead, returning Namjoon's stare.

Namjoon and Seokjin exchanged glances, and the younger shook his head. "We weren't aware."

"Then I suggest that you become aware and consistent from now on, considering Y/N's well-being," the doctor said, almost sharply. "If you're not careful, you might as well be signing the death of your soulmate Y/N here."

Yoongi stepped forward and would've punched the doctor if Hoseok hadn't stopped him, though Hoseok himself looked like he wanted to electrocute the guy with the now brewing storm clouds appearing outside.

Seokjin did his best to stop himself from throttling the guy and spoke, "What's all that about blackouts, you said?"

This time, the doctor looked genuinely sympathetic, and he sighed, his eyes on his hands. "Y/N's body is in the stage of trying to develop an ability."

At this news, the members' eyes widened. Taehyung actually stumbled back when he heard what the doctor had said. "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean that Y/N's body is trying to acquire an ability of her own. Right now, her DNA is trying to adopt the unwanted genetics from her parents. It has become unwanted because her body did not accept the genetics of Evens while growing up, but now it is adjusting itself to fit her state." Looking pointedly at Seokjin, he raised an eyebrow. "You have the same ability as I do, Mr. Kim Seokjin. Were you aware of her condition, or were you just too afraid to tell her?"

Seokjin fumed, looking away to avoid lashing out. "I didn't want to make her uncomfortable by scanning her 'condition', as you call it."

"Is her development safe?" Jimin asked, carefully steering the conversation. All this time, his eyes were watching over Y/N in her peaceful sleep. 

"We can't say for sure," the doctor said soberly. "After all it's been 14 years since her body stopped accepting the Even genetics. There's no telling if she'll be able to survive the process."

Silence lingered in the room once more, until Namjoon asked again. "Are there... Are there others like her who have made it out alive?"

"A few, yes. But still, it all comes down to 75% chance. It's highly unlikely that she'd be able to survive."

Just when they had escaped a problem, a new one had risen up, and now, it seemed more impossible than the last.

"Do you know what her ability is?" Jungkook asked, out of curiosity.

"Y/N's starting to see visions, fragments of the future. I believe that's her ability."

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