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"Y/N, you're not gonna go to work." Namjoon told me sternly.

I sighed, slumping in my chair. "But I have to go... I want to do something productive and help you guys."

"You can't do anything with a sprained ankle," Seokjin said, inspecting my injury, which had become swollen overnight. "Yoongi, you didn't tell her to elevate the sprain?"

I didn't want to place the blame on Yoongi, so I quickly answered, "It's my fault. He told me to elevate it, but I didn't listen."

Yoongi lifted an eyebrow at me, but I nodded in reassurance. "But can't I go?"

"Y/N, we're sorry, but...we can't risk making the sprain even worse," Seokjin said. "If you want, I can heal you?"

I immediately shook my head. "I don't want your ankle to sprain. That's as bad as my sprained ankle, so it's fine."

"But...you can't even walk, so I think it's best you stay at home for a while," Taehyung spoke up, looking at me with concern.

"Even if I walk on crutches?" I insisted. "How about I'll spend working hours sitting in the medical clinic?"

Jungkook patted my back gently. "Your ankle isn't the only thing we're worried about, we're also worried about your safety. It'll hurt you a lot of if you move around."

I must've looked really crestfallen and disappointed because Hoseok handed me a bar of chocolate. "Maybe if Secretary Hirai can stay with you here?" He suggested, looking at Namjoon inquiringly.

Namjoon put a hand under his chin as he thought about it. "Well, I suppose Secretary Hirai can assist you here. Is that okay with you, Y/N?"

I nodded, taking Hoseok's chocolate. I was eager to get started on work, so I wouldn't disappoint them. After all, Yoongi handpicked and assigned me to this particular department. I didn't want to let their expectations about me drop. "That's okay with me."

Seokjin pulled out his cellphone from his coat pocket and unlocked it, punching on his keyboard. "I gave her a text. She said she'll be here by 9."

I looked at the wall clock. It was 6:30. Usually, I get up more later than that, but my stupid ankle woke me up by aching like hell, and I was horrified that I had forgotten to elevate it, and now it was swollen badly.

One by one, the members lined up at the doorway. They all waved at me.

"Bye, Y/N!"

"Don't be too sad, okay?"

"We'll give you a gift when we get home, so cheer up."

"If you want, I can sing you a song."

"And I'll dance to make you laugh."

"Seokjin hyung... Y/N, doesn't need to see that..."

Only Namjoon was left as he gave me a comforting hug. He smelled like marshmallows. "We'll be back soon, okay? Mrs. Wong will be in the kitchen if you need her, and I asked Mr. Oh to guard the mansion."

I nodded, hugging him back. "Thank you, Namjoon."

He smiled at me, "Give us a call whenever you want."


At exactly 9, the doorbell sounded, and I figured Secretary Hirai must be here.

Gathering my crutches, I hobbled awkwardly towards the front door, where a beautiful woman stood waiting. She looked stunning, even though she was only wearing work clothes.

"Good morning," she bowed politely. "My name is Hirai Momo, Mr. Kim's secretary, pleased to meet you."

"Ah, yes," I bowed back, greeting her smile. "Good morning. My name is L/N Y/N."

Secretary Hirai nodded, smiling back at me. "Yes, Mr. Kim has told me a lot about you."

I blushed profusely, wondering what all kinds of things Seokjin told about me. "Is that so?" Silence settled between us. 

"Ms. L/N--"

"Oh, you don't have to be so formal around me," I declined, waving my hands in front of me. "It's not like I'm one of your bosses. You can just call me Y/N."

"Then...would you mind if I asked you to call me Momo instead?" She asked slowly.

I nodded. "I don't mind at all." I remembered we were still standing outside and I opened the doors wider. "Oh, where are my manners? Please, come on in."

"Thank you," she said.

Suddenly, I lost my balance and I almost slipped. Thankfully, Momo had grabbed my arm to save me from falling.

"Be careful. You have a sprained ankle, right?" She asked me.

"Yes, and thank you." I said, composing myself. It was gonna take a lot of time to learn how to walk using crutches.


"Tell me, Miss L/N--I mean, Y/N," Momo began, sitting behind the table. "Mr. Kim told me Mr. Min has assigned you to Marketing Department A?"

I nodded, sitting across from her. "Yeah. Apparently, I'm the only one who is listed in that department for now."

She nodded. "But has anyone ever told you why no one else works there anymore?"

I leaned forward. "No, not yet. Are you gonna tell me?"

"Well, I only heard this between my co-workers, but actually..." She leaned in too, like she was sharing a secret--which she probably was. "...they told me that anyone who gets listed in that department ends up getting captured by the government."


"Well, as you probably know by now, Marketing Department A makes and creates websites that works as advertisements for Big Hit Appliances." She continued as I nodded. "Two years ago was a very difficult time for Big Hit." 

"Why's that?" I asked again.

"Employees started disappearing. And not in the usual way, they started disappearing at work. Like, they'd come to Big Hit, but none of those employees would come out. No one could find them in any department." She paused, and I could see hesitation in her eyes. "I'm not trying to scare you, of course, but...it was revealed that...all the employees who disappeared are listed in Marketing Department A, which of course scared the rest of the workers."

I frowned. "But...how were you sure it was the work of the government?"

"The government left signs. Plate numbers. Have you ever seen one?"

I winced, remembering my last encounter of that damned plate number. "Yeah, I know what that is."

"They left plate numbers in place where the employees were last seen," she continued. "And in all the websites that Marketing Department A had been replaced by warnings from the government."

"But didn't the late president issue a decree--"

Momo shook her head sadly. "I'm afraid that even that strong decree has its' loopholes. It was stated that not an Odd shall be killed forevermore...but it didn't say anything about the government trying to take Odds as hostage."

I sighed. "And what about that big hole in the department?"

"Some G.I.G.* member used his ability of magnetism to scare some of the employees who were still working under the Marketing Department A. Unfortunately, he succeeded in scaring them."

(*G.I.G. - Government Issued Gang. G.I.G.s are clustered in different groups, and they are infamous for kidnapping and trapping unlucky Odds for their "experiments").

"Obviously, the government's trying to stop Big Hit Appliances to protect and recruit more Odds, so that they can run experiments on the ones they hold hostage," I said in disgust. "What a twisted world."

"I do not know why Mr. Min assigned you to this particular department," Momo said. "But maybe he saw...potential...in you, as a soulmate."

Though I felt giddy by that statement, it didn't help that I could face a dangerous situation while working in that department.

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