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My heart was still beating fast as I continued to soak my body.

Yoongi told me that he would wait for me outside the bathroom, since he had something to tell me.

I couldn't help blushing and I could feel blood rushing to my ears.

The water was becoming hot, so I decided to wash away the soap suds. I wanted to leap out from the bathtub and greet the waiting Yoongi outside wearing a bathrobe.

The problem was, I literally leapt out of the bathtub like the stupid woman I am and slipped on the now wet floor. I yelped and moaned in pain. The good news was, I leaned my momentum forward, so I had avoided hitting my head on the walls of the bathtub. The bad news was, I had sprained my ankle while trying to stop myself from slipping.

I scraped my knees as it made contact with the floor with a loud bang, and pain entered my body.

"Y/N? Are you okay?" Yoongi asked, his voice a little muffled but close to where I was.

"Fine..." I whimpered softly, trying to reach for the bathrobe that was hanging on a metal rack next to the bathtub. "I just...slipped and fell..."

"Do you need help? Your fall sounded bad," he said, concern and worry evident in his voice.

I struggled to wear the bathrobe around my body, tying the belt tightly around my waist so it wouldn't come off. I found a spare hair tie lying on the tabletop and bundled my wet hair together.

I made the mistake of trying to stand but failed, slipping once more. I gritted my teeth and cursed. 

"Can I...come in?" Yoongi asked carefully.

"Yeah. I'm...wearing a bathrobe, you can come in." I said, inspecting my knees. On one knee, there was a scratch on top of the scratches that I got from last week, which was disappointing and frustrating, since they've just started healing. On my other knee, there was a bruise forming.

The door opened softly and without a minute to spare, Yoongi rushed to my side, massaging my injured ankle. "What happened?"

"Well, I stepped out from the bathtub, but I scattered some drops of water," I said, leaving out my awesome leap of stupidity. "So...I ended up slipping, and--ow!" I cried out as Yoongi gently pressed on the worst spot of the injury.

"Sorry, sorry," he apologized. His eyes trailed to my bloody knee, and his face turned serious. "Can you stand?"

I sighed. "I tried to, but I ended up falling all over again. Why am I so clumsy...?"

Despite my worries and pain, the brunette-haired man actually chuckled lightly, causing me to glare at him. "I think it's cute, actually..." He said, making my expression soften. We remained deep in eye contact a second too long and I broke it, remembering that I wasn't quite decent enough in front of him.

"Right, um, sure," I cleared my throat. "I hope I'm not too heavy for you..."

He extended his hand out and I took it gratefully. My knees wobbled from the large impact and I had to lean my full weight on him to stand properly. A bit of my cleavage got exposed from my action, unbeknownst to me, and I saw Yoongi turn his head the other way, averting his gaze. "Um, I'm not trying to do anything here but...would you mind it if I carried you to the bed? Or do you think you have the strength to walk?" He offered.

Judging from my poor ankle, the thought of limping until I was safe on my bed made me wince. I wasn't walking yet, but it hurt like hell. "I-I don't mind, well...as long as you don't mind."

He shook his head. "No, I don't. Now come on."

He bent down and wrapped his arm around my back, his other arm scooped up my weak legs like a pro. Before I could follow with what he was doing, he lifted me off the ground and I found myself in his arms.

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