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-(Let's pray and hope for J-Hope and Jungkook, both are diagnosed with covid. I hope they take care and recover soon😭💜Fighting!!)-

Yoongi was the first to notice Hoseok's rainbow. "What the hell is on your head?" He blurted out without thinking. Next to him, Namjoon nudged him.

Taehyung looked up from his gaming console, which he had started testing out on the big-screen TV. "Wow, hyung, you must be very happy today." He raised his left eyebrow at the two of us, amusement dancing in his eyes as both me and Hoseok blushed.

Seokjin, who was using an inductor to cook the noodles on the countertop, smiled slyly. "Wow, you two finally spent that 'catching up' together like Hoseok said."

"It wasn't anything... We just bonded..." I said, looking at my feet. 

"That's good, then," Namjoon nodded. "There's no need to be shy and ashamed of it."

Hoseok waved at the rainbow overhead, trying to make it disappear. "I just wish this rainbow would disappear. It's hard having a colorful headband following me wherever I go."

Jimin smiled at his head. "Don't worry, hyung. I think it's lovely, and it looks good on you too."

The atmosphere was filled with a flutter of amusement and shyness, that we were glad that Jungkook changed the subject. "Y/N, Hoseok hyung's garden is beautiful, isn't it?"

I nodded. "It was very gorgeous and amazing. It was my first time seeing such a spacious and artistic greenhouse garden. I really liked the different flowers. It was amazing, one part snowing, one part raining. Wow, it's like the earth." I probably sounded like an idiot, rambling on and on.

"I told you she would like it," Yoongi said, peering at the boiling pot of noodles. "And it is really beautiful."

Hoseok flushed in gratitude, I could tell, since grateful waves fluttered from soul. Which, of course, made his rainbow glow brighter. "Th-Thank you..." he mustered.

We watched as Seokjin cracked an egg in the center of the pot. When he did, he noticed that we were all staring at the tasty ramyun. "Oh...sorry, are you guys hungry already?" Though I had already eaten dinner, my mouth couldn't help watering at the tasty aroma wafting from the pot.

"Um no, not really. We haven't eaten yet, but please, take your time carefully and slowly so we can feel hungry," Yoongi said sarcastically. "Is it almost done?"

Seokjin huffed, shooting him a gentle but firm look. "I'm almost done."

Carefully, Jungkook peeked over his shoulder and at the pot. "But, hyung, will it be enough for eight for us? You only added five packs, right?"

The eldest sighed, stirring the ramyun carefully. "Yah, don't tell me this isn't enough for you. If you're still hungry, you can eat a cup of ramyun later if you're still hungry. Five packs are the only ones left. Besides, me and Y/N already ate dinner, so six of you can share."

"Got it, hyung," Namjoon replied. I noticed he was trying to contain himself while reading the novel. It must be a good book, I thought to myself, smiling at his cute actions.

Finally, the timer ended, and almost immediately, the six younger men gathered around the pot, bowls and chopsticks in their hand. 

"Wow, this looks so delicious."

"I'm so hungry, I think I can eat up this whole pot."

"Yah, please don't, I'm also starving."

"Careful, it's hot."

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