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I scratched my head, deep in thought as I followed Hoseok through the back door. "Um, Hoseok, it's night, though... Will the sunflower be okay?"

"Of course, it will." He shouted cheerfully. My garden is very special. You'll see," he added mysteriously.

Outside, the stars were shining brightly over our heads, and streetlamps were gathered by the pathway that went around the house.

We entered a covered greenhouse near the clearing, and I gasped when I saw that it was shining brightly inside, as if the sun was trapped in the greenhouse. It wasn't too hot, though. It just felt like walking into a room full of LED lights.

In the far side, there was a drizzle of rain watering a section of plants. In the other end, there were snowflakes falling among the cold climate plants.

"Hoseok, do you control the sun too?"

"Well...I can control the rays of sunshine, if that's the answer you're looking for," he said quietly, looking for space to put his sunflower. "Sometimes, I move the outside clouds a bit, trying to capture the sunshine that gets trapped, and letting it stay here in the greenhouse. It doesn't always work, though, so sometimes, I need to ask Yoongi hyung to make portals that allows sunshine to pass through. But right now, I'm using the fresh sunshine from this morning."

I nodded. "That's actually cool. But...I hope doing this doesn't drain your energy out."

He shook his head, placing the sunflower in a wide area. "Not really, though I do give them rest whenever I rest too. Or I make it rain if they need their water."

I petted the small petals of a potted, purple lilac. "Hoseok, your garden is amazing."

He dusted his hands together as he set down the potted sunflower. "Well, I got the idea from my, um, grandfather..." He said slowly, watching my face carefully for any sign of emotion. One appeared in my expression, though I was trying to oppress it. "It was his dream to create and design his own greenhouse one day."

"That's really sweet," I smiled. "He's always had a green thumb." I hoped Hoseok wouldn't walk on eggshells around me whenever we mentioned Mr. Im, when I was the one who was supposed to be careful.

He nodded, his shoulders relaxing. His eyes trailed to my necklace. "You have a beautiful necklace."

I looked down and smiled. "Yes, it was Seokjin's gift for me..." The purple gem was twinkling from the sunlight, making it even more spectacular and gorgeous.

"It looks beautiful on you," he told me, and I knew he meant it.

My heart was full from all his compliments, that I couldn't help it anymore.

I jogged to where he was standing and pecked him softly on the lips. Though he looked surprised, he also looked like he was grateful for it.

Realizing what I had done, I felt embarrassed. "Oh no, I'm sorry if I startled you--" I began to say, when our chests started glowing.

Like Jimin said, I had grown used to bonding, and I didn't stumble anymore, which I was thankful for. As if it wasn't already bright in the room, it became brighter, and our hearts started beating as one.

I felt his excitement and relief pass through my soul and I wondered if he felt the flutter of emotions I was feeling too.

The red thread materialized once again, and for the first time, it made me wonder where it came from. 

It did its' work, wrapping itself around our rings like many times before, so I now had five glowing rings on one hand, something I never thought I'd get to see.

And then my cheeks reddened when I remembered my impulsive behavior and looked away. "Um, anyway...uh..." I felt the others' rising confusion waves, and I did my best to send them back waves of assurance.

I startled a little when he took my hand gently and squeezed it reassuringly. "Thank you."

"For what?" My brows raised.

He rubbed the back of neck. "I've always wanted to bond with you...but I was always hesitating because...I didn't know if you were gonna appreciate it."

"Oh," I couldn't help smiling like an idiot at his adorable confession. 

"Stop smiling, it makes you look ᶜᵘᵗᵉ," He breathed out that last word, as his face flushed the same color as the roses when he realized what he said. As if that wasn't a total giveaway, a small, bright rainbow started to form above his head.

Pretending I didn't hear it, I tilted my head wearing a half-smile. "It makes me look what?"

"Forget it, I said it makes you look like a cute and annoying sunshine!" He shouted, his hands flying up to cover his glowing cheeks and running out, that mini rainbow following after him. "I'm going!" 

I grinned at his cute demeanor and ran after him. "Hoseok, wait for me!"

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