Chapter One

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A moving van pulled into Twinleaf Town and pulled in front of a small white house with a porch and a wooden fence around it. The doors opened and three people hopped out; one being a child, another was a young man, and the last one being the worker. The worker walked to the back of the truck and opened the doors. Two more workers hopped out and the three workers started unloading the boxes.

The young man had black hair that was wild, dark brown eyes, and he was tanned. He wore jeans and a button up light blue shirt with boots. He removed a key from his pocket and unlocked the door.

"Here's the new house, Alex." he said.

The child known as Alex looked just like his dad. He had black hair that fell into his eyes, dark eyes that were basically black, and he was tanned. He wore white shorts and a black shirt with black sneakers. "Okay. I'm gonna go look around."

"We're done unloading everything, Mr. Ketchum." one of the workers said.

"Thanks, how much?" the man asked as a yellow mouse Pokemon hopped on his shoulder.

"One hundred exactly, Ash." another worker said.

Ash nodded his head and handed the money to the worker.

"Thank you,"

"We hope you enjoy living here in Sinnoh." The workers got back into the van and they were gone.

"What do you think, Pikachu?" Ash asked, rubbing his partner on the head as they looked at the house.

"Chaaa!" Pikachu seemed to like it.

Ash walked into the house to look around. The hall was fairly decent, it would need things on the walls, though. Next was the living room. After the living room was the kitchen with a back door. He walked back to the living room and found the hall and that was where the bathroom was along with his room and Alex's room.

"Hey Alex, we have to get the boxes in now." Ash said once finding Alex.

"Okay, dad." Alex said following his dad.

Ash found his bag and grabbed a Pokeball. "Machamp, come on out." Ash said, tossing the Pokeball.

"Ma!" Machamp cried.

"Think you can help carry the bigger things inside?" Ash asked.

"Ma!" Machamp cried, grabbing a gray couch.

It took nearly all day, but after getting everything into the house and unpacked, the house looked like a home. The living room had gray and black furniture. A black couch, two gray chairs, a desk with a laptop resting on it, and a television had been hung up on the wall.

Ash's room was simple. Black sheets covering the bed, a closet with his clothes put up, a nightstand made of oak beside the bed, and a bathroom connected to his room.

Alex's room was the bigger bedroom since he had toys and other things. He had a Pokeball beanbag chair in the corner of his room, a desk by the window with a photo of him and his parents resting on it, his bed was pushed against the wall with white and red sheets. Along the walls, he had hung up posters of his dad (since his dad was his idol), and Pokemon posters in general. He had shelves with videos of his dad's battles, too. A television hung in the corner opposite of the beanbag chair.

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