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Somehow...I had forgotten that I was still assigned to the Marketing Department.

Seokjin and I were both eating at a fancy restaurant in The Fourth, when I just remembered that I was working under Marketing Department A, together with the fact that I hadn't done anything at work yet.

I picked at my steak, which was both expensive and beautifully delicious, when I cleared my throat. "Can I ask you a question?"

He nodded, his mouth full.

"Well, the other day... Did Jimin get mad at you because you were outside of Big Hit?"

He turned sober as he swallowed his mouthful. "Well, yeah, he did get all angry at me when he found out I was being all lenient in going around showing my identity." He must've sensed my guilt feelings because he added, "I don't blame him for it, though." He said softly, slicing his steak into small chunks. "I understand why he's anxious and worried. He doesn't want to lose anyone else to the government."

My thoughts trailed to what Jimin told me last week. He had good reason to act careful and protective.

I took a sip from my glass of wine. I wasn't really a heavy drinker, but it was just so delicious.

I changed the subject. "What are your hobbies, Jin?"

His eyebrows raised up and he smiled widely. "I love playing video games in my room. Ah, and also, I love collecting Super Mario merchandise, it's the best!"

I giggled and was about to open my mouth to ask him more, when he added. "I also...love fishing."

I smiled, not expecting that queer but adorable answer. "Really? What do you like most from it?"

"Wow, is this an interview? Why are you suddenly asking me this?" He laughed. "It's like I have this special connection with the fish, you know? I'm not the most expert at fishing, but I enjoy it because it's relaxing and satisfying for me."

I nodded, "I get that feeling."

"You do? Then...what are your hobbies? Except for making seven men fall in love with you." He smirked at me and I couldn't help but color. Man was smooth like butter...

I cleared my throat. "I do painting," I said softly. "Um, sometimes. If I'm not painting, then I'm usually drawing."

A sigh escaped Seokjin's lips. "You're also good at drawing, huh?"

"Well, I wouldn't say 'good', but I just like drawing."

"Yes, and that's what Jungkook said to me last time, and that kid can draw. With those pretty and delicate hands, you're probably great at drawing."

I looked at my hands. It didn't feel "pretty" or "delicate", but I loved his descriptions.

"Well, what else are your hobbies?"

"I used to play the piano and--"

"You know how to play the piano too?" He asked me, admiration dancing in his eyes. "I can play too, but Yoongi is more skilled than me."

"Yoongi plays the piano?" I asked, curiosity overcoming me.

"Oh man, you should see him play the piano. He has that...passion in him. Wow, that youngster is very talented," he leaned back, though Yoongi was only three months younger.

"Hearing that makes me want to hear him play," I mused.

I had taken piano lessons with Jihyo back in high school, and we continued our lessons until we graduated. She taught me everything she knew and I was grateful for her help.

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