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The moving van had already arrived this afternoon. To my relief, they had brought all my old living furniture together with all of my belongings. But what amazed me was that all of it could fit together in my room, which was probably because my room was bigger than my apartment.

Taehyung offered to help with arranging my furniture (though I told him I could handle it). But it sure cleared up a lot on my to-do list.

As I was starting to place my clothes on the wardrobes and closets, a knock sounded on my door together with a voice that sounded like Seokjin. "Y/N, it's me! Can I come in?"

"Sure," I called out.

The eldest hyung peeked his head in and grinned at me. "Are you already unpacking your stuff?"

I nodded. "I'm almost finished. There isn't much to do left anyway."

He grinned, his plump lips forming into a cute smile. "That's great! I was wondering, well...if it's alright with you...do you want to go on a date with me?"

I blushed profusely. I couldn't say no to that, even if I tried, could I? "Why not? Just give me a minute."

That's when he noticed the pile of clothes on my bed. His eyes widened. "These are all your clothes?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well...I thought you had a lot of outfits."

I chuckled. "Yeah, well...I don't really go shopping much, considering my income for the past few years. I've always wanted to go buy some outfits and dresses for myself." I sighed, promising myself to go to the mall someday.

"Okay, then do you wanna go now?"

"Huh?" Before I could ask what he meant, he lifted up a dress on a hanger and looked at it.

"Well, I think most of your clothes here are good enough. You can keep them. Leave the rest to me." He winked and took me by the hand gently.

"Wait, where are we going?" I asked as we bounded down the stairs together. 

"We're going shopping together," he said excitedly.

Excitement washed over me too, but I remembered I had forgotten my bag. "I think that's a great idea, but what about my bag--"

"You don't need it. I told you, just leave the rest to me."

We passed by the living room where Jimin, Hoseok, and Taehyung were playing Uno.

"Oh, are you two going somewhere together?" Taehyung asked, looking up from his colorful deck.

"We're going to The Fourth," The eldest replied, letting go of my hand for a moment and heading to a cabinet and pulled out a big box. "Gosh...the keys are all mixed up again... Yah, who let Namjoon in charge of the car keys?"

Jimin glanced at him. "Hyung, you did..."

"What's The Fourth?" I asked as Seokjin dug through the huge box.

"You've never been there?" Hoseok asked, dropping a red reverse card on top of the table.

I shook my head. "Is it some kind of mall?"

Jimin sighed at the reverse card. "Hyung, why did you use a reverse card..." Then he turned towards me. "It's a kind of plaza filled with shopping malls and restaurants, Y/N. You can find anything at The Fourth."

I was about to ask why it was called 'The Fourth', when Seokjin walked up to me. "I found the key! Let's go?"

I nodded. "Sure."

"Great! Wow, it's nice to have a soulmate go shopping with me. Only Taehyung loves shopping as much as I do, but he always ends up emptying my card, I never get to buy anything for myself." He muttered, and I followed behind him as we descended down another set of stairs underground.

"Enjoy your game, guys!" I called out to the trio.

"Okay!" Taehyung said, putting down a card.

Jimin yelled. "Why is it a reverse card again?! Let me play!"

I gasped when I found myself in an underground parking area. There were dozens of beautiful and handsome luxury cars that I thought I wouldn't encounter in my lifetime. "These belong to you guys?"

Seokjin smirked at my reaction. "Yeah. We all share these, but we each get to pick a car that's under our name. Mine's the Maserati." He said, pressing on the button, and a loud beep echoed through the basement.

We walked over to the two-door Maserati, the same one we rode on the first day we met. I smiled at the memory.

We climbed in, and the engine revved loudly, the headlights on. We drove around the corner, where a security guard controlled the gate upwards.

He tilted his hat when he saw us and the gate opened wide. Seokjin waved his hand in response and we drove up the slope towards the afternoon light.

We exited the big gates that surrounded the mansion and were on our way.

I asked again, "What's The Fourth?"

"Well, I don't know how to tell this to you..." he glanced at me. "But The Fourth is a high-end place for the rich and luxurious. You have to be a member to be a regular at The Fourth, and you can choose between the Black and the Gold membership. Though the items and restaurants might be a little overpriced to anyone who isn't a member, Odds and Evens are free to visit whenever."

I remembered now.

I used to go to The Fourth with Nayeon and her parents, back when we were teens. We were Black members, a one-year membership plan, so we made use of it by going whenever we can. The items were free as long as you had The Card, as we called it.

It wasn't long before we reached unusual tall buildings and high-end shopping malls and clothing designs.

There were men and women walking down pedestrian lanes, and they all looked elegant, rich, and confident. They acted like they belonged, and they sure were nailing it.

I was surprised when we parked at the corner. "Is this allowed?"

"Sure. You can park anywhere at The Fourth, as long as you don't cause traffic or disturbances."

"Seriously?" I said as we climbed out. "What kind of universe did you transport us to?" I joked.

He looked at me, as if he took to heart what I just said. "Now...I know this may seem sudden to you, but I want to do something nice for you too. Just for today, you have the freedom to buy anything you want." He pulled out a golden card from his leather wallet. It was just like our Black Card exactly the way I remembered it, except, of course, it was golden and it ensured membership for about a lifetime. My brain short-circuited just by thinking about how much it cost.

He offered me his arm and I took it, grateful that I looked decent enough next to his tuxedo. "I'm all yours for tonight."

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