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Third Person POV:

You must be wondering what our boys were doing all this time.

Ever since Jungkook lost contact of Y/N while she was being chased by the Mares, he decided to continue the story behind the car accident, though he badly wanted to save Y/N.

Her parents had decided to sacrifice their lives just to stop her from leaving. Why?

Just then, a servant entered the room. She looked out of breath. "Y/N...Y/N's gone."

Her parents' faces paled, and they both ran out the door. "Proceed with the designated backup plan. All our servants are fired!" The father yelled.

Instead of pleading for her job, the servant nodded her head and went off, like they had already planned this from the start.

Jungkook was about to follow them, when dozens of men broke inside and took the briefcase Y/N's father was holding. 

Jungkook wanted to find out what was in that suitcase, but stopped when he felt the ground shake. Cracks and hairlines appeared in the concrete floor and walls. Even the guards and men began to crumble, turning to dust in front of his eyes.

He brightened. "Y/N's finally mending her Inundate! Wow, she became so strong." But Jungkook's smile disappeared when the ceiling started crumbling too, and the shaking was becoming more violent.

"Y/N, I'll disconnect first, okay? I'll be with you right when you wake up." He promised. And with that, Jungkook silently prayed that she made it to her Genesis, and pulled away from Y/N's memories as the whole shroud of memory disappeared together with the Inundate.


"Jungkook, are you okay?" Seokjin's voice echoed through Jungkook's head.

The younger blinked, trying to subside the blurry vision and pain. "Hyung?"

"Are you okay?" Seokjin asked again. "What about Y/N? Is she okay?"

Jungkook grunted, but stood still, remembering that Y/N was on top of him. Something wet dripped on his hand. It was red.

"Hyung, Y/N..." Jungkook said, still exhausted from visiting Y/N's memories. It had that effect on him. Whenever he pushed himself to visit a person's mind, he left feeling tired.

"Y/N!" Seokjin yelled, holding her head gently. "She's bleeding. Hold on, Jungkook, I'll just heal her."

"Bleeding...? Where...?" Jungkook groaned, blinking once then twice.

Suddenly, the rest of their soulmates poured in the room.

"Where's Y/N!"

"Oh no, there's blood!"

"Jungkook, what happened?"

"Blood...there's...blood... Oh no, poor Y/N."

"She's still unconscious."

"I hope she's okay."

"Guys, wait, I can't concentrate if you won't give me some space." Seokjin said, sitting on the foot of the bed. "Jimin, please assist Jungkook, he needs rest too."

Jimin nodded and walked to the other side of the bed, moving the youngest a bit farther down the end.

Jungkook felt both panic and comfort waves flowing through him, and it shook him out of his trance...just a little. "Hyung, take care of Y/N," he croaked. "She...She located her Genesis and her Inundate is gone now."

Hoseok, who was cringing at the sight of blood, looked around. "Does anyone know what he just said?"

Namjoon, who understood a bit of manipulation slang, nodded. "He means Y/N finally learned to love herself."

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