"This movie better not be terrible." Chris grumbled.
"It's not!" I protested.
"You haven't even seen the movie."
"It's Rihanna and she slays everything!"
"Whatever you say." He carried the popcorn and I held the drinks as we walked to our seats.
Chris thought it would be nice to see a movie together. He even let me pick the movie. Although he might be regretting it slightly. Oh well! I've been dying to see Home. I'm not just seeing it because it has Rihanna in it, it just looks really good and cute.
We finally found some seats and waited patiently through the coming attractions. The movie finally began and I bounced happily in my seat.
"I'm not even gonna-"
"Shhh!" I covered his mouth.
The movie then started to progress. I did giggle and laugh here and there. Even Chris laughed a bit. And me being the emotional little sap I am, I cried twice towards the end.
"You're a lame for crying." Chris smirked, as we walked out the theater.
"No I'm not! I saw you tear up when we thought Oh was dead!" I declared. "Whatever. Movie was ass anyway." Chris grumbled.
"I was expecting to see Rihanna." Chris exasperated.
"It's an animation movie."
"I wanted to see her naked."
"It's a kid's animation movie!"
"Fine whatever."
I happily skipped to his car as he trailed behind me.
"Ah, you're home." Marvin smiled, turning on the living room lamp as I reached the stairs.
"I-I'm sorry." I mumbled.
He got up from the couch and walked over to me.
"It's alright. I mean you're a teenager. Stay out as long as you want, just be prepared to deal with your own consequences." He spoke. "You know, I may have never said this before but, I'm sorry. I know that sorry isn't enough and probably never will be enough but just know that I mean it. Like why carry on this whole situation while your mother is dying. Even if she wasn't dying, I'd still be feeling remorse." Marvin explained.
"She doesn't have much longer does she?" I asked, holding my head down.
"I'm afraid not." His voice cracked.
I watched as he silently broke down. After all that he's done, I actually feel bad. I hugged him and said that everything will be alright. Even when I knew that it wasn't.
I love her energy. Just so bright and happy. I'm glad that I made her smile tonight. God knows that she needs it. I just sort of wish tonight didn't have to end. Maybe we could hang out tomorrow. I just have to think of something that we could do together.
"You're home. Late." My mother smirked.
"I uh. Uhm-"
"English boy. English."
"I took Havana out." I confessed.
"I told you, you have feelings for her! You're blushing too!"
"Ma, it's not that serious." I groaned.
"Yes it is! You do have your tux right?"
I nodded and she hugged me tight.
"My little baby growing up. I'm proud of you." She kissed my cheek. "Even without your father, I still managed to raise a gentleman." I felt something wet drop onto my shoulder.
"Don't cry mom. I love you."
"I love you too."

|Awwwww!!!!! Prom season is approaching yall!!! I saw a really cute promposal at my school. I hope I get one when I become a senior 😔. Anyone get a promposal or saw one? Comment tho 👋🏽. -Andréa|

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