It was nice of Chris to try and cheer me up. He took me out for ice cream and gave me his number. It was good. He drove me home and thankfully Marvin wasn't there. God doesn't hate me that much. I started to work on my chemistry project which, I have with Zayn. Perfect. Now I have to text him. Ugh. This is going to be awkward and nerve racking.
- Did you do your part of the project?
Wait no, I sound too "teachery" ew.
- Almost done with the project?
Uhm, no.
- E-mail me your part of the project and I'll finish it (vanabunny312@yahoo)
I guess that'll do. I sent it to him and squirmed in nervousness.
While waiting for his reply, I read our old messages and sighed then locked my phone. It still hurts. Maybe because the "wounds on my heart" are still fresh. My eyes began to water, I didn't feel like crying. So I grabbed my laptop and watched 'Supernatural' on Netflix. Sam is bae. He forever will be. With his beautiful brown hair, gorgeous smile, and dimples. Don't even get me started on Dean. Oh my god. He is another story. My phone buzzed and guess who it is? Zayn. I paused the episode and read his message.
Sure, and really "vanabunny"? -Zayn
- Don't judge
I knew he wasn't going to text back so I resumed my episode. But, I was quickly proven wrong when he texted back.
Okay vanabunny -Zayn
- I will fight you
Violence is never the answer babe -Zayn
Is it cliché to say that my heart jumped a little at the word "babe"? If so, then kill me. Maybe we can be friends again, or maybe he'll give me another chance. It's a possibility.
- I'm trying to watch Supernatural, text you later
I ignored his text and continued to watch Supernatural for the third time.

I wasn't really planning on going to prom but, I guess I am now. Not that I'm upset about it or anything. Now I just have to look for a suit. I can only imagine what my mom is going to say when I tell her that I'm taking a girl to prom. Ugh, she's gonna be annoying and too happy. Especially when she finds out that Havana is my date. I'll never hear the end of it. She loved Havana, like a daughter. I smiled and walked inside my house. The sweet aroma of peach cobbler invaded my nose. I walked happily to the kitchen and stuck my head in to see my mom placing a dish on the counter.
"Smells good up in here!" I exclaimed.
"How was school?" She chuckled, and kissed my cheek.
"Interesting." I answered, grabbing two bowls and forks.
"Interesting, how?" She asked, cutting two slices.
"Uh, well I'm taking Havana to prom." I confessed.
"My Havana?!" She squealed.
Oh lord, here it goes.
"Yes, you're Havana." I smiled goofily.
"Awwww my baby! I knew you two would end up together one day!" My mom cheered.
"Whoa, whoa. Ma we're not together." I laughed nervously.
"You're not?" She frowned. "Why not?"
"Well, she just got out of a relationship and he was her prom date. Long story short, I'm her date." I explained, eating my cobbler.
"You like her."
Choking on my cobbler I replied,
"What makes you say that?"
"You smiled. Every time I bring her up, you smile or its a look in your eyes."
"No I don't." I looked down, only to have my head yanked up.
"Look at you. You're smiling now. Chris, I know you; every mother knows their child." She didn't say anything after that.
I reviewed her words over and over and over again. As much as I don't want to admit it, she is beautiful.

|Ooo Chris catching feelings? Whaaaat? *minion voice* It's been a while. At the end of the rainbow, you'll find a yellow nigga named Chris -Andréa|

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