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I opened my eyes once more, and I found myself drifting on water. It looked deep, but I walked on the surface like it was made out of concrete.

But above that, there was the sky above me, dotted with bright stars, colored blue, purple, and black. It was beautiful.

"Jungkook?" I called out. 

"I'm here," A voice answered somewhere behind.

I turned around so suddenly, that I bumped into a strong body that belonged to Jungkook. We both might've fallen through the water if it wasn't for his steady arms that caught me. "Where are we?" I asked, regaining my balance.

"We're in your memories," he answered.

"Then why are there stars...?" I asked, frowning at the sky.

"Stars?" He frowned too, but then he looked at where I was looking and I saw realization hit his eyes. "Oh, those are not stars, those are memories. Look closer." He put a hand on my chin and turned my head upwards to the right gently.

As soon as I observed the "memories" more closely, I saw that they weren't at all twinkling the way stars do. They were filled with moving images, and I realized that they were all from my life.

"And...the water?" I asked, trailing my eyes to the calm body of water surrounding the corner.

Jungkook lowered his head, sadness in his eyes. "Y/N...there isn't supposed to be any water. Especially not this big."

"Really? Then why..." I looked at him, then back down. As I bent down to observe, I gasped as I saw the horrible memories flash in the water.

Closing my eyes, I did my best to control the panic and fear building up inside me. When I did, the water shook. Just a little.

Though my eyes were closed, I could still see the flashbacks. I stepped backwards, and I startled when a hand went to my eyes. A hand held my body tight. I relaxed a little when I got the reassurance that Jungkook was there.

As soon as his hand shielded my vision, the memories emptied out my head, and I received calmness and gentleness.

"Y/N..." Jungkook started. "You're gonna have to wear this blindfold for a while."

I nodded, relaying my trust in him. Carefully, he tied a soft piece of cloth tightly around my head. Though I was worried the memories would come back, it didn't, and I continued to relax.

I felt Jungkook squeeze my hand tightly. "I'm here, okay? You don't have to afraid."

"What are you gonna do?"

"We're just gonna dive in slowly, okay? You won't get to see the memories again, I'll make sure of it. Just...don't let go of my hand, no matter what."

"I won't," I promised.

Almost like in an elevator, I felt ourselves getting lower and lower. Strangely, I didn't feel the water rising up--I didn't feel the water at all. Finally, after what seemed like hours, we stopped sinking, and I felt cold. 

I moved closer to where Jungkook was, seeking for warmth. "It's cold." I said.

"Yes," he answered, his voice was thin, as if he was the verge on tears. Before I could think about it, he pulled me into an embrace, never letting go of my hand that held his.

Jungkook POV:

As soon as we submerged through the water, I was shocked and surprised at how it was empty.

Usually, back when I visited a person's mind, they had a few puddles of water that held their dark past and secret. Some of them were usually in lakes or rivers. But in Y/N's case, it was a whole ocean. And as deep as the ocean, too.

As we were going down to the very floor, I heard voices, both that came from a man and a woman. I looked closer, and I saw that when mixed together, they resembled Y/N. Her parents.

There were also a lot of shouts and screams echoing in the Inundate*. Both my head and ears ached as the Mares* tried to attack me. They knew I wasn't allowed to hear or see them, being submerged in water like this. They'd just have to deal with the Jeon, 'cause I ain't leaving until I help Y/N.

(*Inundate is called the body of water that contains Mares. Although a highly dangerous zone, it helps lock Mares away, with a few leaks ranging from how strong the Mares are.)

(*Mares are aggressive memories. Mostly found submerged in Inundates.)

Using my eyes, I sent out brainwaves, warning them that they didn't want me as their opponent. Fortunately, they backed down.

It was so deep, I was worried if the blindfold was enough to act as a shield against the Mares.

Thankfully, we touched down at the last minute. Like most Inundates I visited, it was cold. Smoke puffed from my mouth as I glanced at Y/N, smoke puffing out from her mouth too.

Surprisingly, she spoke, "It's cold."

Tears formed in my own eyes when I finally realized just how heavy of a burden Y/N was carrying all this time.

She always acted like she didn't experience anything traumatic, and frankly, that was very brave, and yet when she remembered a shard of her past, it resulted in blackouts and breakdowns. 

If only we had been there for her from the start.

"Yes," I answered. I pulled her into a hug, stroking her head with my free hand, my other squeezing hers tight.

"What's this for?" I felt her mouth open as a chuckle came from her lips. What was there to chuckle about, especially with something this big?

"You said it was cold," I replied, holding her close to my body and my heart. 

As we pulled away, I built up the confidence I needed if ever I needed to protect Y/N.

"Y/N," I called her. She squeezed my hand in response. "You can let out your feelings now. Give me...all of your memories."

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