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"I don't wanna go back there!" 9-year-old Y/N screamed.

"You have to," said the stern voice that belonged to her mother.

"No, please..." Y/N sobbed, trying to pull away but failing.

Furiously, her mother yanked her so hard, Y/N almost believed that her arm almost got ripped off. Hot tears streamed down her face as she got dragged away, back to the "ice room" as she called it, though it was only a large refrigerator.

Y/N dreaded going back there more than anything. She hated everything about it. She hated the cold, she hated the dead meat hanging from the hooks on the ceiling, she hated the smell. More importantly, she hated the loneliness.

As her mother opened the door, she practically threw Y/N at the floor, scraping her hands and drawing blood from the cold floor. The door shut loudly behind her, and a small compartment slid open.

"This is where you belong. Mr. Im will come pick you up when the dinner's over," she regarded her only daughter with cold and sinister eyes. "Until then, if I hear a single noise from you, you can find yourself rotting away in this room. Forever." And with that, she closed the compartment, walking away, her heels clacking on the marble floor, leaving Y/N in her misery.

Y/N opened her mouth to speak, but it was Jungkook's voice that came out. "Y/N, I won't ask any questions. You can tell us about it if you're ready. Until then, I'll deliver pleasant dreams to you. I won't tell the others. Sleep well."

I realized that I had fallen asleep at the back of the van when I opened my eyes to a totally different room.

It was so huge, so elegant, so beautiful that I figured we had already arrived at the hotel.

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I was sitting on top of a soft, plush bed, warm to the touch

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I was sitting on top of a soft, plush bed, warm to the touch.

To my right, there was a window that overlooked the highway of cars speeding through. Over that lay the ocean.

I shuddered at the thought of encountering that wave again, but so far, the sea remained calm.

I panicked when I realized I was in a bathrobe, wondering who had changed my clothes, but breathed out a sigh of relief when I saw that they had put the bathrobe over my now dry shirt and jeans.

My hair was still a bit wet, though, and I was still a bit shaken up from my experience when I noticed a note rolled up neatly on the foot of the bed. Eagerly, I scooped it up. The letter made me smile at the first part but sigh at the end.

Dear, our Most Gorgeous Soulmate,

Sorry, were you surprised? Taehyung was the one who carried both you and Yoongi to your rooms, so we hope you wouldn't mind. Ah, and as for the bathrobe, we put it around you so that the bed won't get too wet and you won't catch a cold but Seokjin hyung thinks it's better if you take a bath after. Take all the time you need. We hope you had a good rest after that "incident", but we won't bring it up if you're not ready to talk about it. We'll be at the lounge if you're ready, but Seokjin is in Room 601 if you need him. Bye bye!

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