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A third passageway of emotions and feelings entered my soul. 

There was that blinding light again, although this time, it was a bit brighter than before, causing everyone else to shield their eyes.

I read that the brighter the light that comes from you, the closer you were to bonding with all of your soulmates. 

I gasped when I felt Taehyung's surprise and realization pass through me. Hoseok reached his arm out, supporting my back from falling against the sand.

Amidst the surprise, I still felt waves of comfort and assurance from Jimin and Seokjin.

They must be experts at comforting because of me, I thought, thankful for their support.

The light died down, and when it did, the red thread materialized, looking like it was suspended in mid-air. It wrapped itself around my third ring and reaching out its' other end to the last dark ring of Taehyung's.

When the bond was done, both Taehyung and I breathed out a large sigh of relief.

He covered his face with his hands, flustered. "Yah, Y/N, when I said I wanted a gift, I was saying that as a joke. I didn't mean...ah..."

I stared at him, and I blushed tomato red. I stumbled back. "Then, you shouldn't have done that! I thought...I thought..."

We both just stood there in comfortable silence, pondering over what had happened. Only the other five men were grinning as Jimin walked over and put both his shoulders on either side of us. "Well, the good thing is, both of you have bonded now. That's another thing to celebrate."

"Well, anyway," Namjoon coughed, trying to hold in his laughter. "Let's stay here for about 30 minutes and then we'll head over to Grand Hyatt."

Seokjin lay sprawled on the mat, applying sunscreen. "Namjoon, what is it with you and your 30 minutes?"

"It's half of one hour, and it's an exact and accurate time that's easy to follow," Namjoon answered.

As the others headed off towards the waves, Taehyung offered me his hand, still blushing. "Uh, let's go to the waves."

Despite our shyness, I nodded enthusiastically, grinning a little. "Sorry if you felt too rushed..." Taking his hand, we both walked towards the others.

"Don't be sorry. I actually enjoyed it," Taehyung said, lifting his other hand and observing his now glowing ring. "And...I'm really glad that I bonded with you, Y/N."

I squeezed his hand gently. "Same here."

As we stood by the waves, running back and forth whenever it would come to us, Jimin suddenly cried out. "Oh no, my towel!"

Our eyes scanned the water for his towel, and sure enough, there was a drenched yellow towel tumbling through the waves.

We all felt Jimin's wave of devastation and sadness as Namjoon tried to make him feel better. "It's fine, Jimin. We can buy you another towel."

"No, that was a gift from my parents. I can't part with it." The blond-haired, 25-year-old tried to plunge forward, but immediately retreated. "Ah! It's cold!"

Yoongi put his hands to his hips, keeping his eyes on the towel. "Can't you use telekinesis to get it?"

"I don't know...I can't... It's like something's interfering with my ability."

Jungkook stepped forward, eyebrows raised. "What? Let me try."

For a moment we stood there in silence as they tested out their abilities. "What? What's going on? Why aren't our abilities working?" Hoseok asked in confusion.

While they were talking, I realized the towel had drifted further and further away. 

Letting go of Tae's hand, I walked forward. "Don't worry, Jimin, I'll get it!"

The water didn't faze me one bit, as it wasn't the least bit freezing compared to being locked inside a refrigerator room... It's a long story.

"Y/N, wait!"

"Y/N, be careful!" 

"The water is freezing, get out of there!"

Shouts of concern and worries from my soulmates made me want to go back, but I couldn't. Not after what Jimin told me about his parents. If I didn't retrieve it for him, he might as well have lost one of the most important things in his life.

I was about a knee deep into the water and was about to catch the towel when the waves pushed farther away. "Dammit," I cursed silently. They were right, the water was becoming more and more freezing cold, and already, my legs were this close to cramping up. I waded deeper and deeper until the water reached up to my chest area.

"Y/N, come back!" Faint cries came from the shore.

Finally, my hands closed in on the bright, yellow towel, soaked with seawater. 

I breathed a sigh of relief, but panic surged through me when I realized that I had breathed out a puff of smoke. It was getting cold.

Turning around, I waved my arms and lifted up Jimin's towel to show them I had caught it.

I noticed them jumping around and I smiled to myself. They must be really happy.

But it wasn't until I noticed their frantic gestures signaling me to turn around.

As soon as I did, a huge wave of water overthrew me, the impact making my body submerge in the freezing water.

I just had time to think, Waves aren't this strong in Incheon, before I had blacked out completely.

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