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We reached Incheon in less than 20 minutes, since there wasn't traffic. By the time we had parked alongside the sand, it was about 5:43.

"Look, the sun's beginning to rise!" Taehyung cried out. Before we could say another word, he ran towards the beach together with Jimin and Jungkook.

Namjoon put his hands on his hips and sighed, though he was smiling. "Those kids are really excited. And wasn't Jungkook very tired just a few minutes ago?"

"Gosh, that's cold!" Jimin yelled, running away from the water as Taehyung tried to splash him with some more. "Taehyung, stop it!"

"They're having fun, aren't they?" I smiled to myself. Seeing them like this, free from stress and worry, free from the trauma...it warmed my heart.

"Let's just hope they don't dunk each other in the water," Yoongi remarked. I noticed that they were watching the three goof around, chasing each other. If you looked closely...you could see that they felt a lot of love for everyone.

Seokjin was the first to break contact. He dusted his hands together as he unloaded a huge, black bag filled with towels, mats, and only God-knows-what. "Yah, what are we waiting for? Let's go set up."

Despite them refusing my help, I helped Seokjin and the hyungs carry the stuff to where the three boys were running around.

Hoseok walked side-by-side with me, carrying camera equipment. "I'm excited to take pictures of the sunrise together with everyone."

"Do you need help in setting up the camera?" I offered.

He looked at me, and I wondered why he looked so surprised. "Really? You know how to?"

I nodded. "I majored in Photography..." I trailed off. I loved taking pictures. It didn't matter what my subject was, as long as I got to take clear shots that expressed the exact emotion I wanted my viewers to feel. Although it was one of my passions, my parents said it was "too lowly" for "someone like us", so I had no choice but to discontinue.

"Really? Wow, you're the first woman I've known who majored in photography, that's amazing."

I flushed under his praise. 

He tilted his head. "But...why are you working at Big Hit if you majored in Photography?"

"Oh, well, I...kind of discontinued it," I admitted.

He patted me on the back. "Show me your photography skills, and maybe I can ask Yoongi hyung to reassign you to a different department."

I brightened. "Really? Okay then."

"Yah, who said anything about reassigning anything?" Yoongi chimed in, overhearing our conversation. He cast a glance at me. "Y/N, your position will remain at Marketing Department A."

I slouched at that, but nodded determinedly. "Well, there's nothing I can do about that. And I can still take photos while constructing websites, so it's fine."

Yoongi smiled and nodded in satisfaction. Hoseok shook his head and sighed. "Well, if Y/N wants to push through then...I guess we can't do anything about that either. Just...Just be careful okay, Y/N?"

I nodded. "I promise." 

Sand was getting under my feet and flip-flops, I hated that feeling.

I looked up at the sky. It almost seemed like twilight, and you could see the dark outline of the clouds up at the horizon, where the sun was about to rise. It was like a piece from a painting, with dark blues and pink twinges.

And then I saw it.

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The first ray of sunshine

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The first ray of sunshine.

We headed over to a clear spot and spread out the mat. Namjoon even brought a big umbrella, though I didn't know how it fit in the van. Maybe he used one of his illusions I guess.

I headed and crouched next to Hoseok, who was starting to set up the tripod. Unexpectedly, he handed me his camera. He smiled, and it was almost as beautiful and radiant as the sun itself. "Want to take pictures first?"

Slowly, I took it in my hands. My fingers brushed the contact lens, as I saw my reflection in it. It had been so long since I last held a camera in my hands. 

Eagerly, I stood up, held the camera facing the rising sun, and took a shot.

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I looked at it with distaste

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I looked at it with distaste.

It didn't capture the exact emotion I wanted to capture, since it had been a long time since I practiced my photography skills. 

As I was still observing the picture I had taken, I felt Hoseok lean forward and took a glance at it. "Wow, Y/N, your picture is amazing!"

I looked at him in surprise. "Really? No, but I have had a lot of clear shots much better than this."

"Then, why don't you try it again? Um...try it on Taehyung," he said, gesturing towards the tall silhouette playing with the waves.

Once again, I held the camera up to my face, closed one eye, and took a shot of Taehyung.

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"See? I think it's beautiful," Hoseok remarked, taking the camera from me and gazing at it

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"See? I think it's beautiful," Hoseok remarked, taking the camera from me and gazing at it.

Taehyung headed over to us. "Oh, Y/N, did you take a picture of me?"

"Yes. I tried to go for a much more better view and picture, but it's been so long..." I sighed at myself. "It's okay if you don't like it. I'll just try to--"

"Don't like it?" Taehyung demanded. "I love it! No one's ever taken a picture of me before in this pose! It makes me look mysterious, don't you think?" He tried to reach for the camera, but Hoseok moved it away from him. "Taehyung, be careful, you might break it," he chided. 

The younger chuckled then moved closer to me. "So, Y/N, should I give you a gift to say thank-you?"

I raised an eyebrow. "What kind of gift?"

He closed his eyes and puckered his lips. Strangely, he looked more handsome that way. I found myself staring at his cute demeanor.

"Y/N, you should bond with Taehyung," Jimin encouraged me, overhearing the conversation.

The others nodded in agreement.

I chuckled, then looked back at Taehyung, eyes still closed.

I took a deep breath, then swooped in for a kiss.

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