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"A trip?" I repeated.

Hoseok nodded, smiling.

For the rest of the morning, I waited for Jimin to come back and continue explaining, but he didn't. There wasn't anything else to do anyway, so I had decided to clean up the dominoes and grab myself some lunch in the cafeteria.

I ran into Hoseok, who just came from Yoongi's office, and he offered to have lunch with me in his office. I told him that I had already bonded with Jimin and he was the one who fixed the hole.

"How would you feel about going on a trip together with us?" He had asked, and now here we were.

I thought long and hard about it. Me? Going on a trip when I had just started working here? That wasn't being fair to my co-workers. "Wouldn't that be unfair to the others?" I asked him, munching on my Beef Bulgogi.

"Don't worry about it. Our employees do work in an undercover company, so there isn't much to do if Namjoon isn't giving out assignments, and right now, he isn't." He replied, taking a bite out of his hamburger...and sprite.

"They go on trips too?" I joked, grabbing a mediocre amount of noodles using my chopsticks and bringing it to my mouth.

"Yeah. There's supposed to be 500 workers in our company right now."

Hearing that, I almost choked on my noodles.

"But only 150 over 500 go to work daily. We allow others to relax every now and then, and notify them when they're required to attend a company event, new proposals to reconsider, or required experiment for new products," he added. "They're free to take leaves or absences whenever they want, as long as they show up at least once a month for attendance and participation."

I set my cup of Bulgogi down and wiped my mouth with a tissue. "But then...without the Marketing Department, how do you attract customers to buy your products?"

"Actually, there are two Marketing Departments in Big Hit. Marketing Department A and Marketing Department B. You're currently listed in Department A, where employees make and create websites about our products, driving more and more customers to buy our products. Department B, however, reaches out and collects willing investors and clients that act as minor shareholders." Suddenly, Hoseok frowned. "Although nowadays, we're starting to lose our investors. They don't show up to most of our meetings, but when there comes a time that they do come, all they do is complain, always ending the meeting on a bad note. That's why Namjoon gets cranky after those."

I sipped from my cup of water, as I thought about it. "I don't think I've ever met Namjoon yet. Or Taehyung."

"Really?" Hoseok asked, taking a drink from his sprite. "Well, you'll get to meet them soon. By going on this trip."

He was so eager on going on a trip together with the others, that I didn't want to let him down. Plus, it might be really fun, too. "I'll go on the trip," I decided.

Hoseok's eyes widened with excitement. "Really? Aw, yes! Thank you, Y/N. It really means a lot."

I smiled at him as I drank water again. I wondered if the investors were the reason why Yoongi got mad in his office. "What are the others' special abilities?" I asked out of the blue.

"Yes, I think it's time you know about our powers," He nodded. "Jungkook can manipulate minds. He can hear and see what anyone's thinking within a 2-mile range." He glanced at me. "Jungkook read your mind once, didn't he?"

I nodded, wondering how he knew about that.

"Jungkook can actually read our minds, but he can only do it once," Hoseok informed me. "Once he has read your mind, he can't do it again. And once you two have bonded, he can't use his powers against you permanently. Actually...all of us can't."

"Oh," I said, realization hitting me in the head. So now maybe I didn't need to worry about him reading my thoughts about his past. "What about, um...Taehyung?"

"Taehyung-ah?" Hoseok asked. "Superhuman strength. One time, he lifted two elephants when we visited a zoo." He laughed. "Namjoon was so frantic, he chased Taehyung, saying 'Put them back Taehyung!'"

I laughed along with him. "Wow, that really happened, huh..."

When we stopped laughing, Hoseok spoke again, "Now, let's see... Jimin has telekinesis. He can control and sense objects within an 8-mile range. I can affect the weather within a region, but not the climate. Do you know about Namjoon's ability?"

I shook my head.

"Namjoon can make illusions," he answered.


"Well, not directly, of course. He has this special ability to bend reality. This camouflage for Big Hit? He was the one who created it. I've never seen it, though. His illusions never worked on us. He'd have to pour out full concentration to give us one."

"But I thought it couldn't work on us?"

"Well, that thing about bending reality? When making illusions, he gives out, like, little rules of his own. And though, he never considered about that idea yet, he has the ability to shift reality into his own. He can even make it real."

"Woah, you're all so powerful..." I commented.

"It's a really good thing Namjoon's the way he is now. If he got lured over to the bad side...I'm not sure if we would ever forgive ourselves."

I was about to ask what he meant about that, when he spoke again. "Yoongi's power is Dimensional Manipulation."


"Yeah. He can make portals going to and from places he's been to." Hoseok answered. "Unlike us, his ability can and will absolutely work on you. As long as you're using your abilities to help your soulmate, it'll work. Like Jungkook. Contacting us telepathically is pretty helpful and convenient."

I nodded, finally understanding. "What about Jin? He told me he can scan...health background...was it?"

Hoseok nodded. "He's like a walking X-Ray, and he can scan your current health, past health problems, and make diagnostics based from what he scanned. But that's not all he can do. He can also heal a person's injuries with a touch of his hand. He doesn't do it very often, though, since healing sends feedback to him, letting him experience the same amount of pain that person felt." He leaned to the side, examining my knees. "Jimin looked for him a while ago, saying you're hurt. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine now. He bandaged it." Though the wounds still kind of stung a little, I didn't want Seokjin to heal me. I didn't want him to receive the feedback of my wounds.

"Remember that other night when Seokjin hyung had stomachaches?"

"How could I forget about that?" I chuckled.

"Taehyung actually had a stomachache from eating his Japchae, and Seokjin hyung healed him. Unfortunately, though, he got a stomachache too, so please forgive him."

"Don't worry, I already forgave him," I reassured him.

He breathed a sigh of relief. "Ah, thank goodness."

"If the plans for the trip are final..." I started. "Where are we going?"

"Wangsan Beach."

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